Published On: Fri, May 8th, 2020

Longtime VC Todd Chaffee of IVP says late-stage stage is now ‘M&A world’

Todd Chaffee has prolonged been one of a many comparison members of a late-stage try organisation Institutional Venture Partners. Chaffee assimilated IVP in 2000 after logging 6 years during Visa, and went on to lead rounds in countless distinguished later-stage companies, many (but not all) of that have left public, including Coinbase, Compass, Klarna, Kayak, Omniture, Pandora and Twitter.

It’s a good business to be in, quite when companies are going open during that clip. Given that a IPO window is now close indefinitely, we wondered what that competence meant for a firm’s model.

Chaffee — who, like contemporary Bill Gurley, won’t be creation new investments out of his firm’s subsequent account — talked with us about that doubt and what else a pestilence means to a try attention and to him personally. Our discuss has been edited for length and clarity.

TechCrunch: IVP final announced a account in 2017. we assume one is entrance shortly that we can't speak about — unless we can speak about it?

Todd Chaffee: Yeah, we’re now investing Fund 16. That’s all we can tell we right now.

Do we consider it’s time to bulk adult even more, or distance down? There’s maybe some-more event though also check sizes are going to get smaller, seemingly.

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