Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

Longtime craving exec Quentin Clark joins Dropbox as SVP of Engineering, Product and Design

As Dropbox solemnly gears adult toward a initial open offering, it’s bringing on a longtime craving executive — Quentin Clark, a former VP of Microsoft as good as SAP CTO — as conduct of a very-long-title-where-he-will-oversee-a-ton-of-things.

His central pretension is going to be SVP of Engineering, Product and Design, where he will conduct all of those operations. As Dropbox looks to dive serve into a enterprise, Clark’s knowledge is expected going to give a association what it needs to start to pointer some-more of those deals. Dropbox has historically been famous as a consumer-driven record storage association though has attempted to use that as a crowd into incomparable companies as it looks to build out a business.

“The care group was unequivocally meddlesome in my ability to lead and conduct teams that are scaling, and how to lead opposite engineering, product and pattern as a whole,” Clark said. “I met with a group many times over a march of several weeks to plead my practice during Microsoft and SAP, and how good they were aligned to Dropbox’s elaborating needs. The other vital subject of contention was a common perspective of where we could take a company.”

Hires like this are partial of a staffing-up routine as it starts to position itself as a viable association on a open markets. In July, Bloomberg reported that a association was operative with Goldman Sachs to ready documents, another tiny step toward a final entrance as a open company. With consistent comparisons to Box and threats from all sides for a business, it’s had to figure out a approach to find both a verbatim and perceptual position of strength as it seeks to eventually strike that milestone.

His sinecure comes recently after CTO Aditya Agarwal pronounced he would be withdrawal a company. But these kinds of moves are flattering common as a association matures over time and looks to move on gifted care in sequence to position a association with certain movement going forward. The association has pronounced it’s hit 500 million users, hit a $1 billion run rate and has continued to aggressively pursue business customers.

Clark starts during Dropbox during a commencement of September, where he asked us to check behind in a integrate of months as to what his specific goals will be.

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