Published On: Mon, Jun 1st, 2020

Local Co-Op Is Seemingly Returning To The Remaster Of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

“bring everybody together around one TV for cot commune play”

“And this time around we won’t need any Game Boy Advance or special cables to make it happen. How good is that?”

It worries me that they privately pronounced “one TV” and not “one Switch”. So does that meant we need mixed Switch AND mixed copies of a diversion to play cot co-op? B/c if we usually need 1 Switch afterwards we shouldn’t even need 1 TV b/c it should also work in tabletop mode like my kids play 3 actor SSBU. And afterwards they should have pronounced “bring everybody together around one Switch for cot commune play”.

So for your doubt “How good is that?” Well, I’ll let ya know once we know how cot commune works. Is it 1 duplicate of a game, 1 Switch, and 4 Joycon, or is it 4 switch, 4 copies of a diversion and a TV. B/c in box we guys have forgotten, if we need one TV afterwards maybe cot commune wont’ work w/ a Switch Lite, that a lot of people seem to own.

So before NL starts purgation over a improvements, maybe do some digging and make certain this isn’t worse than GBA and cables?

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