Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Little Witch Academia: The Chamber of Time Hands-On Preview

If we haven’t listened of Little Witch Academia – it’s okay. we don’t censure you. The adventures of Akko Katsuki and her pals study during Lunanova – a propagandize for witches – aren’t accurately a biggest strike in anime, notwithstanding being an comprehensive joy. That’s because Bandai Namco’s new diversion Little Witch Academia: The Chamber of Time was a initial time many had even listened of a small magician that could.

In The Chamber of Time, Akko discovers a tip area dark inside of a propagandize library full of treasures and monsters – some-more monsters than treasure, really. Akko wanders down into a cover with her pals Sucy, Lotte and some-more in sequence to clean out a beasties with their accumulation of enchanting abilities.

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The diversion plays like a classical side-scrolling beat-’em-up. Think Streets of Rage or Double Dragon, usually instead of punches and kicks these girls are doing repairs with spells – vast AoEs, smaller bursts of enchanting energy, ranged projectiles – we name it, they’ve got a spells indispensable to clean out some bad monsters.

In a demo we played Akko, Sucy and Lotte transport into a cover – that is alarmingly many bigger than a outward would advise – and ramble by a humid dungeon-like environment. Clusters of elementary monsters need to be degraded before relocating on to a subsequent bunch, only like side-scrollers of yore. There are a few interactable elements and things dark divided – one switch that compulsory mashing Circle to activate swung a grate to a side, divulgence a tip room, with a savage that indispensable overpowering and a prerogative of a bucket bucket of gold.


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For a many part, monsters are elementary to better – maybe too easy. The tasteless creatures don’t put adult many of a fight, even when we give them some-more than a possibility to take a swing. Large groups can be simply adequate thwarted though we regulating any special abilities – a vast AoE ice spell was some-more than adequate for most.

Where things got unequivocally engaging was a trainer quarrel to finish a demo. A vast screen-filling minotaur-like savage loomed in a credentials as he crushed his fists down into a play area. Dodging his swipes we have to do repairs to his hands, and once he’s toppled, go for a head. It was a genuine visible feast and saying his health bar pulp as we unleashed a powers of Akko’s Shiny Arc was too satisfying.

But from what we can see so far, a categorical pull of Little Witch Academia: The Chamber of Time is a visuals. The cel shadowy art character looks positively beautiful in motion, and unequivocally captures a anime down to a tee. The diversion seems like fun, though things need polishing adult nonetheless – and we have high hopes for some-more interactions with other characters and potentially scrutiny of Lunanova to mangle adult a boredom of fighting. One to watch for fans, surely, though wait for reviews.

The diversion will be out in early 2018 for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4.

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