Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

Let’s speak Samsung Galaxy S11

We’ve strictly entered a mid-December hardware doldrums. Obviously no vital hardware builder in a right mind is going to be announcing anything vital in a subsequent few weeks, for fear of preemptively cannibalizing holiday sales. Things will, however, feverishness adult immediately after a new year with a flog off of CES. Then, a small over a month later, comes MWC.

Sandwiched somewhere in there is a launch of Samsung’s subsequent flagship. This is a device that sets a tinge for a association for a whole year. Samsung’s 6 month flagship recover cycle (S series, followed by a Note) affords a association a ability to offer some-more visit refreshes, yet this initial one is unequivocally a customary setter for both a association and a attention during large.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

A Feb 18 launch date has been floated for a subsequent flagship. The timing positively creates sense. Samsung has damaged divided from MWC — and vast tech shows in ubiquitous — for a biggest announcements. Doing so puts a spotlight on a possess inclination and beats a MWC news bolt for a few weeks. Likely accessible for a inclination will start a following month.

As for a name — there’s no reason to trust a association would use this event to mangle divided from a S11/S11+ intrigue this time out. So we’re going to hang with that until credibly sensitive otherwise.

The recently announced Snapdragon 865 will be powering a device in a series of markets, creation a S11 among a initial inclination to launch with a latest flagship SoC. A new news also suggests that a pattern will be accessible in even some-more markets, including, potentially a local South Korea. Standardized 5G seems probable opposite a board, yet that’s expected going to meant an even some-more prohibitively costly starting price. It’s a vast jump, generally with a still-spotty rollout in many markets.

What we know about Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 865 and 765 chips

An under-screen front-facing camera has been rumored, yet a some-more informed hole punch seems a lot some-more expected for this gen. Renders (courtesy of OnLeaks) of a device indicate to a pattern identical to a many new Note, usually with an even some-more trypophobia-inducing pattern than a many new iPhone and Google Pixel (which is observant something). The camera strike appears officious massive, monopolizing an considerable apportionment of a rear.

An unfit vast 108 megapixel camera has been rumored for a device, along with 8K video. Either way, devising is no doubt going to once again be a vital concentration for a line. So, too, is a healthy battery increase.

EVLeaks, meanwhile, is suggesting an EVEN LARGER screen, with a S11e measuring possibly 6.2 or 6.4 inches, a S11 during 6.7 inches and a S11+ during a outrageous 6.9 inches. Plenty some-more leaks certain to come between now and mid-February. Stay tuned. 

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