Published On: Tue, Apr 14th, 2020

Layoffs are disproportionately impacting startup satellite offices

Layoffs have struck a startup universe swiftly, hurting liberality and transport startups, as good as recruitment and scooter companies. New information shows that some of those layoffs, brought on by COVID-19, competence be disproportionately impacting satellite campuses.

By nature, satellite offices are delegate to a startup’s headquarters. Opening smaller offices is a vital pierce when a association gets a uninformed turn of appropriation or wants to enhance to a new market. We’ve seen satellite offices cocktail adult in cities like Portland, Phoenix or Austin, that has satellite offices for Apple, Facebook and Oracle, for example.

While many layoffs are entrance from companies whose domicile are located in a categorical entrepreneurial hubs of a Bay area and New York, a tangible staff members are located in a satellite cities, according to information from, a tracker combined by former Y Combinator grad Roger Lee.

EasyPost in San Francisco laid off 75 employees, scarcely all in Salt Lake City and Louisville. U.K.-based Challenger bank Monzo laid off 165 patron support employees recently in Las Vegas.

Toast, formed in Boston, laid off 1,300 employees, or 50% of a whole staff. Per data, 12% of those layoffs were in Omaha, and another 10% were in Chicago.

KeepTruckin, formed in San Francisco and last valued during $1.25 billion, laid off around 350 employees, and 33% of those employees were located in Nashville or Chicago.

These numbers are usually a fragment of a sum layoffs opposite a country, as’s information set usually includes publicly disclosed actions and tips. But even if a information is only portion as an anecdotal snapshot, it’s an critical one to note.

What a information means

Once a economy does redeem to a new normal, it’s misleading either HQ cities or satellite cities will be in a improved position to rebound back. We held adult with some investors in Boston, a tip startup heart that has recently faced a possess flurry of layoffs, to hear their thoughts.

According to Lily Lyman, a partner during Boston-based try collateral organisation Underscore, satellite offices are mostly where a association competence locate a sales, patron success and business growth staff. Logistically, those roles are a many exposed as consumer activity slows. For a lot of businesses, there are no sales and deals to be finished right now.

“[These roles are getting] disproportionately influenced in [reduction of forces] as companies design a slack on a blurb side,” Lyman said. “While a judicious preference to extend a money runway, it does come with a risk that this withdrawal can repairs relations with business that competence be tough to recover.”

Not everybody sees cuts attack satellite offices a hardest. Michael Skok, another partner during Underscore, pronounced that “in some cases, we’ve seen that satellite offices are determined in rising markets that come with cost savings, so these offices competence indeed be some-more stable in these times.” In other words, if you’re slicing costs, San Francisco worker losses competence be aloft than Denver worker losses by perfect inlet of a former carrying exorbitantly high vital costs. Revolution Ventures, that invests in startups in rising tech scenes, pronounced it has not listened about satellite bureau layoffs from a portfolio as of recently.

And finally, to put it crassly, layoffs in a non-HQ city competence relieve some of a disastrous signaling that founders and try capitalists are perplexing so tough to equivocate (well, many of them during least). Slimming down operations is apropos a active response, not a reactive plan as a pestilence continues to evolve.

Today’s information reminds us that layoffs are frequency an removed occurrence, and staff cuts seem to be alighting harder on reduction strong tech ecosystems.

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