Published On: Thu, Sep 7th, 2017

LawBreakers Receiving a New Class, Maps, and Modes This Year

Developer Boss Key has minute a nearing new calm for LawBreakers that will be nearing in 2017, including new maps, modes, and a mint class.

Starting this month, onboarding practice will be softened with educational videos and new educational gameplay features. Also nearing this month is a mint Namsan map, that is set outward a post-shattering United States. Alongside a new map, Boss Key will also deliver new modes such as a new Skirmishes mode.

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Arriving after this year is a Boss Leagues rival ranked mode. More info about this mode will be expelled after on.

By a finish of this year, Boss Key will deliver a new category to LawBreakers, that has nonetheless to be unveiled. “Yep, a latest category is out of antecedent and in art production”, Boss Key writes. “His pack is sealed and authorized by a QA and pattern teams and we can’t wait to uncover him off in action. While both a LAW and BREAKER variants are being art’d up, we wish to smooth your ardour for what’s coming.”

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Also nearing by a finish of 2017 is a new uneven Valhalla map.

Valhalla is a initial uneven map set in a Sequoia National Forest. Right now we’re personification with a few ways to to brew adult a gameplay as well, with some flattering overwhelming environmental hazards and singular spawning locations for a both a LAW and BREAKERS. We demeanour brazen to display we how a map is moulding adult for recover after this year.

For some-more info about LawBreakers’ 2017 calm roadmap, check out Boss Key’s central blog post.

LawBreakers is accessible now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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