Published On: Sun, Aug 23rd, 2020

Launched with $17 million by dual former Norwest investors, Tau Ventures is prepared for the closeup

Amit Garg and Sanjay Rao have spent a bulk of their veteran lives building technology, first startups and investing in startups during places like Google and Microsoft, HealthIQ, and Norwest Venture Partners.

Over their decade-long loyalty a dual group discussed operative together on a try fund, though a time was never right — until now. Since final August, a dual group have been lifting collateral for their initial fund, Tau Ventures.

The name, like a dual partners, is a bit wonky. Tau is dual times pi and Garg and Rao chose it as a name for a partnership since it symbolizes their methodical proceed to really early theatre investing.

It’s a bizarre thing to launch a try account in a pandemic, though for Garg and Rao, a event to yield really early theatre investment collateral into startups operative on appurtenance training applications in healthcare, automation and business was too good to pass up.

Garg had spent twenty years in Silicon Valley operative during Google and rising companies including HealthIQ. Over a years he’d amassed an investment portfolio that enclosed a unconstrained car company, Nutonomy, BioBeats, Glooko, Cohero Health, Terapede, Figure1, HealthifyMe, and RapidDeploy.

Meanwhile, Rao, a Palo Alto, Calif. native, MIT alum, Microsoft product manager and owner of a Accelerate Labs accelerator in Palo Alto, Calif., pronounced that it was critical to give behind to entrepreneurs after decades in a Valley honing skills as an operator.

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Both Rao and Garg acknowledge that there are a series of supports that have emerged focused on appurtenance training including Basis Set Ventures, SignalFire, Two Sigma Ventures, though these investors miss a approach association building knowledge that a dual new investors have.

Garg, for instance, has indeed built a sanatorium in India and has a low credentials in healthcare. As an investor, he’s already seen an exit by his investment in Nutonomy, and both group have a low bargain of a craving marketplace — generally around security.

So far, a association has finished 3 investments automation, another 3 in craving software, and 5 in healthcare.

The organisation now has $17 million in collateral underneath government lifted from institutional investors like a law organisation Wilson Sonsini and a series of undisclosed family offices and individuals, according to Garg.

Much of that collateral was committed after a pestilence hit, Garg said. “We started Aug 29th… and did a final tighten May 29th.”

The thought was to tighten a account and start putting collateral to work — generally in an sourroundings where other investors were impeded with classification out their existent portfolios, and not means to put collateral to work as quickly.

“Our final investment was finished wholly over Zoom and Google Meet,” pronounced Rao.

That practical sourroundings extends to a firm’s shareholder meetings and conferences, some of that have captivated over 1,000 attendees, according to a partners.

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