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Latest Windows 10 Preview Brings Eye Control & Console Overhaul – Mobile & PC Slow Ring Builds Also Released

Windows 10 Eye Control (beta)

Yesterday, we announced Eye Control, that creates Windows 10 some-more permitted by lenient people with disabilities to work an on-screen mouse, keyboard, and text-to-speech knowledge regulating usually their eyes. The knowledge requires a concordant eye tracker, like a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, that unlocks entrance to a Windows handling complement to be means to do a tasks one could formerly accomplish with a earthy rodent and keyboard. We are starting by ancillary a EN-US keyboard layout, and we are looking to enhance to some-more keyboard layouts in a future. We are vehement to recover this knowledge as a beta and would adore your feedback!

Setting adult Eye Control:

  • Own or squeeze a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C (Coming subsequent will be support for Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini, PCEyePlus, EyeMobile Plus, and I-series.)
  • Download and refurbish to Tobii’s Core eye tracking prohibited repair recover and run calibration with your possess profile
  • Check for Windows Updates; a new Tobii Eye Tracker HIDClass Driver should be found on Windows Update and commissioned automatically.
  • Make certain your Tobii eye tracker is connected to your PC and spin on Eye Control by going to Settings Ease of Access Other Options Eye control.

Eye Control launchpad – When we spin on Eye Control, a launchpad will seem on a screen. This allows we to entrance a mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech, and to reposition a UI to a conflicting side of a screen.

Eye Control communication indication – To correlate with a UI for Eye Control, simply demeanour during a UI with your eyes until a symbol activates. A manifest affordance will seem around a UI that we are looking at.

Eye Control mouse – To control a mouse, name a rodent from a launchpad, position your eyes on a shade where we wish a cursor to be placed, excellent balance a position, and name what movement we wish to take (left click, double left click, right click, or cancel).

Eye Control keyboard – To use a keyboard, name a keyboard from a launchpad, and dwell during a characters we wish to type. You can form numbers and black on a 123 page and duty keys on a Fn page. We now support a EN-US keyboard layout.

Eye Control shape-writing – Type faster with your eyes by shape-writing on a Eye Control keyboard. To use figure writing, spin it on from a keyboard settings (found on a Fn page). Once it is on, we can form difference by home during a initial and final impression of a word, and simply glancing during letters in between.  A spirit of a word likely will seem on a final pivotal of a word. If a prophecy was incorrect, we can simply name an choice prophecy provided.

Eye Control text-to-speech – Communicate with your family and friends in chairman by regulating text-to-speech. To use text-to-speech, name text-to-speech from a launchpad. From here, we can use a keyboard to form sentences and have it oral aloud. At a tip are phrases that are oral aloud immediately and can be edited to contend opposite words. This uses a default text-to-speech voices, that can be altered in Settings Time Language Speech Text-to-speech.

Eye Control settings – Access settings from a Fn keyboard page to adjust a dwell times, spin on/off shape-writing, and spin on/off a gawk cursor used to exam hardware calibration.

Known Issues:

  • Eye tracking does not work good in approach sunlight. The device might need new calibration when relocating to a plcae with opposite lighting conditions.
  • The launchpad partially blocks a Tobii UI during device calibration. To work around this, spin off Eye Control during calibration and spin it behind on when we are done. You can also use hold or rodent to reposition a UI during calibration.
  • Sometimes shape-writing can get stranded on. You can repair this by home during a shape-writing idol to spin it on and off again
  • Sometimes a reposition UI idol in a launchpad takes concentration after exiting text-to-speech

Hardware support:

Currently, Eye Control works with name Tobii hardware. We are open to operative with additional hardware vendors to yield business a broader set of hardware options to capacitate this experience.

To learn more:

If we have questions or feedback on how we can continue to urge a products and services, we can also hit us by a Disability Answer Desk (now with ASL support) and Accessibility User Voice Forum. You can learn some-more about accessibility during Microsoft by visiting,

Microsoft Edge Improvements

  • We’re giving Microsoft Edge a rested and some-more complicated demeanour in a browser frame, desirous by a Fluent Design System. The use of Acrylic element provides abyss and clarity to a add-on bar and other controls, and we’ve softened symbol animations to feel some-more manageable and delightful.”
  • Based on your feedback we’ve practiced a pattern of a residence bar so now even if a residence bar isn’t in concentration to start with when we click and drag a calm it will sojourn underneath a cursor. Previously a calm would change as a “http://” seemed – this change will make it easier to fast revise tools of a URL.
  • We bound an emanate where right-clicking on an picture in Microsoft Edge and selecting duplicate afterwards after pasting a clipboard calm would outcome in a picture URL being pasted rather than a picture itself.
  • We bound an emanate where if a add-on had been non-stop while Microsoft Edge was in full shade mode, regulating Ctrl + W to tighten that add-on while still in full shade mode would tighten a calm though leave a add-on in a frame.
  • We bound an emanate where if we had dual separate tabs in Microsoft Edge and non-stop a couple from a initial in a new tab, a new add-on would seem to a right of a second add-on rather than a first.

Console Improvements

During a Creators Update growth we updated a Windows Console to support full 24-bit RGB tone and currently a Windows Console’s default colors are removing their initial renovate in some-more than 20 years! Yay!

The default tone values have been altered to urge legibility of darker colors on complicated screens, and to give a Console a some-more complicated demeanour feel.

To safety your preferences, this new tone intrigue will usually be manifest in Properties if we purify implement this build.

Input Improvements

  • We’ve softened a opening of rising a hold keyboard after drumming a hold keyboard symbol in a taskbar.
  • We bound an emanate where regulating WIN+H to foreordain into a UWP app’s calm margin wasn’t working.
  • We bound an emanate ensuing in a Japanese IME prophecy possibilities position being shifted and overlapping with typed calm if we set a page wizz turn to something other than “100%” in Microsoft Edge.
  • We’ve practiced a pattern of a Japanese curve-flick hold keyboard to arrangement numbers and English minute keys in a smaller rise that’s some-more unchanging with a distance of a Japanese impression keys.

Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) Improvements

  • We have combined new standing strings to a WDAG dash dialog to yield some-more information about a startup stages for WDAG. These new strings will be displayed to users when WDAG is starting adult and when it’s being resumed from a paused state.
  • We have also done poignant improvements to enclosure launch times by optimizing credentials credentials of a WDAG container.
  • We bound a series of issues that were impacting networking inside a WDAG enclosure as good as a bad user knowledge when joining to a WDAG container.
  • Fixed an emanate where a WDAG launch resulted in Error Codes 0x02 / 0x00 or 0x02 / 0c.
  • Fixed an emanate where usually partial of a WDAG window was being displayed after launch.
  • Added a registry pivotal to concede users to optimize WDAG launch times during active browsing by not suspending a WDAG enclosure when a WDAG window is closed.  You can set a registry pivotal to optimize for opening here: ComputerHKLMSoftwareMicrosoftHVSI, Value name: SuspendOnContainerClosed, REG_DWORD, Value data: 1.  Note: Setting this pivotal will outcome in a enclosure not pausing and a enclosure will not recover committed memory.

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