Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

Latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview Brings Improvements to Mixed Reality & Task Manager

Microsoft has expelled a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build for PC and Mobile Insiders in a Fast ring. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview Build 16241 is now accessible for PC Windows Insiders while Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 15230 is open to Mobile Insiders in a Fast ring.

Today’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview brings a series of Mixed Reality facilities and updates. Later this summer, Microsoft partners HP and Acer are approaching to start shipping their Mixed Reality growth kits, that could be a reason because Windows builder is extensively focusing on these tweaks and improvements.

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However, Mixed Reality improvements aren’t a usually updates that today’s exam build is charity as a changelog is sincerely long. Along with these, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update build 16241 brings improvements to Windows Shell, PC gaming, Task Manager, and Delivery Optimization that now brings a new Activity Monitor feature. Activity Monitor will assistance Windows 10 users “see a altogether bandwidth used in downloads of OS Updates including Feature and Quality updates as good as Store App downloads and updates.” Users will also be means to see “exactly a volume of information entrance from other PCs” on their internal network or other PCs on a Internet.

Here’s all that’s new with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview 16241.

Windows Shell updates in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 16241

Recover your pin and cue from a close screen:  Self Service solutions commission finish users, disburden helpdesk/IT admins, and save organizations money. Cloud Self Service Password Reset (Cloud SSPR) has been a unequivocally renouned Azure AD Premium (AADP) underline and now we wish to take this good capability one step serve – Windows Integration. If you’re regulating an AADP or MSA comment and we find yourself stranded during a login screen, we can now reset your cue and PIN true from here. Just click a “Reset password” (for password) / ”I forgot my PIN” (for PIN) integrate and you’ll be stirred to go by a AAD or MSA upsurge to reset it. Once reset, you’ll be returned to a login shade where we can login with your newly minted credentials.

Refining Acrylic Material: We’ve listened your feedback, and in response in today’s build you’ll notice we’ve malleable a sound covering of Acrylic Material. Below you’ll find a side by side comparison of how it was and how it is now. This will take outcome in any XAML formed UI and apps where Acrylic Material can be seen that targets Build 16241+.

PC Gaming Improvements

  • We bound an emanate preventing form cards in a Xbox Live in-game knowledge from working.
  • We also bound an emanate causing Game bar to pile-up while broadcasting.

Task Manager Improvements

We have done some pattern changes to a GPU territory of Performance tab:

windows-10-updateRelated Microsoft Apologises for Accidental Release of Confidential and Internal Windows 10 Development Builds

  • The GPU name is now shown on a left-hand side of a Performance add-on for any GPU.
  • We now default to a multi-engine view, that shows opening monitors for a 4 many active GPU engines. Typically you’ll see charts for a 3D, Copy, Video Encode and Video Decode engines. Right-click on a draft to switch behind to a single-engine view.
  • There is now a sum GPU memory content opposite subsequent to a dedicated and common content counters during a bottom of a Performance tab.
  • The Direct X chronicle now also contains a top upheld DX underline level.

We have softened how Microsoft Edge’s processes are labeled in Task Manager: In Build 16226, we introduced organisation an app’s processes together in Task Manager. For Microsoft Edge, add-on processes were labeled in Task Manager with their web page title.

We’ve listened your feedback that other Microsoft Edge processes could use softened labels. Starting in Build 16241, additional processes (such as a Chakra JIT Compiler, UI Service, and Manager process) are now labeled in Task Manager. We’ll continue to scold these labels formed on feedback.

Mixed Reality tweaks and updates

Here are a Mixed Reality improvements and updates that a latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update exam build has brought in:

  • Added support for Mixed Reality Motion Controllers over USB (Wireless/Bluetooth support to come soon!)
  • Connection trustworthiness improvements (Code 43 errors in Device Manager).
  • We’ve updated a Mixed Reality Portal icon.
  • We’ve updated teleportation knowledge to make this some-more discerning and direct.
  • We have also softened fortitude of a headset during your Mixed Reality session.
  • We have bound a emanate where a Hill on a side of a precipice residence flickers.
  • We have also bound where a audio of HoloTour can now spin off soon when switching between apps and precipice house.
  • We have also bound debate commands to work during disdainful app sessions.
  • We have also softened a knowledge where we can now bucket a Environment effectively with no black shade during startup.
  • Mixed Reality Portal now categorically informs users that headsets need USB 3.0.
  • Improved support for ASMedia and other 3rd celebration USB controllers.
  • 4K 360 Video streaming has also been softened in this build.
  • 3Glasses improvements: we have bound several issues with 3Glasses headset and controller to assistance jumpstart your development.
  • Preset holograms in a Cliff House now uncover adult in a right order.
  • We have also bound a emanate where black shade is shown when a sourroundings is loading.
  • We have bound a headset’s nap cycle to scold according to user activities.
  • We have also bound a emanate to capacitate users to share a Mixed Reality captures to Facebook.

Windows 10 Mobile Preview build 15230 unsurprisingly doesn’t move any new facilities and instead offers only a integrate of fixes. For the complete changelog, fixes and famous issues, check a proclamation blog post.

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