Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Latest Google Photos for iOS Update Adds AirPlay Support for Apple TV

Google Photos for iOS chronicle 2.14 has been expelled and it lets we tide your photos and videos to an Apple TV.

Have an Apple TV But no Chromecast? Don’t Worry, You Can Stream Your Photos Videos to a Big Screen

Ever given a large recover on iOS a integrate of years back, Google Photos never had a ability to tide photos or video true onto an Apple TV regulating AirPlay. While people will be discerning to indicate out that we still could regulating AirPlay Mirroring, though that doesn’t utterly cut a mustard compared to proper, local streaming of calm over a custom that has been around for years.

The latest Google Photos for iOS refurbish changes everything, permitting users to tide their print and video library regulating AirPlay true onto an Apple TV. This means we don’t have to fiddle around with AirPlay Mirroring only to get your snaps on a large screen. And if we don’t possess a Chromecast either, afterwards we are positively golden with a latest release, supposing we have an Apple TV in a initial place.

The full changelog of a refurbish is as follows:

• View photos and videos on your TV regulating AirPlay
• Performance improvements

The latest Google Photos refurbish is being pushed out to everybody over a atmosphere and it’s expected that we have a latest build commissioned on your iPhone or iPad already. If we don’t for some reason, afterwards we might conduct true over to a download page by drumming on a couple below.

  • Download Google Photos for iOS

Compared to Apple’s really possess iCloud Photo Library, Google Photos is a good approach to backup your photos and videos in a cloud. If we opt for high peculiarity uploads instead of original, afterwards you’ll be gratified to learn that we can upload total calm in a cloud. And a best thing is that we can entrance your photos and videos from any height during all true from a Web.

If we haven’t already, we advise giving Google Photos a try right away. The preference and collection that it provides to classify photos is simply unprecedented.

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