Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Lack of Design Change of iPhone 7 Family Hurt Sales Performance, According to Latest Data

Improved performance, upgraded camera, and somewhat softened battery are reasons since a consumer would ascent to a improved iPhone though in this case, it looks like Apple should have focused on improving a pattern rather than providing a nearby CO duplicate of a phone to a open (in regards to a iPhone 6s design). That’s where a latest information comes in and tells a story where a miss of pattern change has finished adult spiteful a sales figure of a iPhone 7.

CIRP Data Reveals That a Biggest Reason Why Customers Didn’t Switch to an iPhone 7 Was Due to Unchanged Design – iPhone 8 Could Quickly Change Those Statistics

Critics have mostly been indifferent with their opinion that if a Note7 didn’t humour from battery issues, Apple would not have finished adult offered as many iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units as it did and it essentially has to do with an unvaried design. Sure, there were pointed changes incorporated, though business did not feel that it was value a cost to make that switch.

CIRP (via 9to5Mac) states that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have a aloft commission of users switching from Android to iOS. The information also says that a infancy of business are not too penetrating to spend a additional income on an iPhone 7 and get small in lapse as distant as pattern goes.

“We see really clever iPhone loyalty, and conversely continued reduce switching from Android phones. With usually 10% of 7 and 7 Plus buyers switching from an Android phone, now 3-6 months after a launch of those models in Sep 2016, we see how a premiere iPhone models sell mostly to a commissioned bottom of iPhone owners. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models have a aloft commission of Android switchers, and a entrance turn iPhone SE also brings in first-time smartphone buyers.”

The proclamation of a iPhone 8 is a make or mangle conditions for Apple since a tech hulk can't gain on Samsung’s set-back now that a Korean tech hulk aims not to make a repeat of what happened final year.

Do we consider that a iPhone 8 launch will severely change business and Android users, in general, to switch to iOS? Let us know your thoughts down in a comments.

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