Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

Kohler wants to make your lavatory smarter with Konnect

Kohler, a name we might commend from a faucet, or commercials about a faucet, is delivering a new line of intelligent lavatory and kitchen appliances called Kohler Konnect. Because because not?

With a assistance of Alexa, these appliances can be given several voice commands to perform specific tasks. The line includes a shower, a bathtub, dual toilets, a mirror, and a kitchen sink. The height essentially runs off Microsoft Azure, though some of a new products are also concordant with Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. In short, we should be means to offshoot these in with a broader IoT ecosystem of your choosing.

Each product pairs to your phone by a Kohler Konnect app and lets we set preferences opposite a series of opposite users.

First off, Kohler has introduced a new counterpart called a Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. It’s pronounced to be a initial counterpart with Alexa built directly into a unit, and it has a possess lights that can be practiced around voice. Beyond determining a lights (and a nifty small motion-controlled nightlight), a counterpart also has entrance to a ubiquitous Alexa portfolio of skills.

Also in a bathroom, Kohler has built a DTV+ Showering System. Like a other Konnect products, a showering is voice activated. (What could go wrong?) In all seriousness, a DTV+ Smart Showering System seems flattering ideal for (wealthy) couples who have opposite preferences though share a shower. It lets we set a sound, water, steam and lighting in a singular command, such as “Start my morning shower.”

In a identical vein, Kohler has grown ‘PerfectFill’ record for a bathtub, vouchsafing users set their dictated heat and simply tell a bathtub to fill with water.

Kohler has introduced dual new toilets during CES. The first, and many luxurious, is a Numi intelligent toilet. It comes with a sensor that knows you’re coming and automatically offers adult a feet warmer and exhilarated seat. The Numi also has a bidet, ambient lighting and can play music.

The other toilet, versed with Touchless Response, lets we call your palm to flush. It also has an auto-warming chair that can be triggered around voice, and comes with a nightlight.

Then we pierce into a kitchen with a Sensate faucet, that lets we ask for specific measurements of water. For example, a user could ask for 8 ounces of H2O to be poured into a baby’s bottle during a night shift, as shown in a demo video.

You can check out a applications of these new Kohler products in a promo video below:

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