Published On: Fri, Jul 24th, 2020

Kobo introduces a muted Nia to reinstate the bill Aura e-reader

The e-reader difficulty was sparkling once — or during slightest as sparkling as one could wish from such a space. It was a colourful category, with copiousness of pivotal players, any looking to surpass one another. But as is a box with a joyless series of verticals, Amazon has mostly wiped a building with a competition.

Through all of this, however, Kobo has managed to sojourn a consistent — interjection in no tiny partial to a merger by Japanese sell hulk Rakuten behind in 2012. The association manages to say plain marketplace share in a series of countries, including Canada, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It has managed to say this presence, in part, due to so plain innovations on a tech side that have helped keep Amazon on a toes.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The Nia, however, is not that. It’s overtly a sincerely unexcited further essentially designed to take a place of a customary Aura, that has been done taken for sale on Kobo’s site for some time now. The biggest refurbish here is a bit of a redesign to a hardware that’s…fine. The large blue energy symbol from a behind of a Aura has been substituted out for a tiny and subtler black indication on a bottom of a device.

The shade is a industry-standard six-inch Carta from Ink. It’s still 212ppi, yet a altogether fortitude has apparently been downgraded ever so somewhat from 1024 x 768 to 1024 x 758. That’s a bit of a uncanny one. It’s a small bit lighter, a reason reduction wider and skinnier and a bit longer. All sincerely teenager there.

There’s a good small strike in a storage, from 4GB to 8GB, a latter listed as being means to reason adult to 6,000 books. The front-lit Comfortline is still on house — zero utterly like a tractable tone heat that Amazon introduced on a high-end Kindle comparatively recently.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

There are a series of opposite SleepCovers — always endorsed for those who like to toss their readers in their backpacks, as E Ink screens blemish flattering easily. Most importantly, a cost is a same as a Aura during $100. That’s $10 some-more than a customary Kindle with special offers and $10 cheaper than a chronicle without.

The new reader’s not unequivocally most of an ascent during all over a predecessor, though Kobo stays a plain Kindle choice — generally due to a platform’s honesty for non-proprietary record formats, including a renouned ePub. Pre-orders start today. It starts shipping Jul 21.

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