Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2020

King Of Kong’s Stars Rack Up Personal Best Scores Within Days Of Each Other

King of KongKing of Kong

2007’s King of Kong is one of a seminal video diversion documentaries. It charted a epic conflict between mythological high-score hilt and prohibited sauce-maker Billy Mitchell and a loser Steve Wiebe. At a end of a movie, Wiebe had done gaming story and a film has left on to turn a genuine classic.

However, a lot has happened in a universe of Donkey Kong high scores given a film was initial shown. The record has altered hands mixed times, with a likes of Hank Chien, Wes Copeland, John McCurdy and Robbie Lakeman all claiming a pretension – Lakeman is a tide champ with a measure of 1,260,700.

Mitchell, meanwhile, has been concerned in some critical play following accusations that some of his scores were not achieved on strange arcade hardware. He was nude of his scores by Twin Galaxies behind in 2018, usually to have them backed recently by Guinness World Records. Lakeman is one of a people who has come out to publically support Mitchell during this process.

Ever given a play began, Mitchell has been posting scores to infer his talent during a game, and recently achieved an considerable 1,092,100 – a new personal best.

Interestingly, Wiebe recently announced he was returning to rival play after a decade divided and has also strike a new personal best recently, recording a measure of 1,106,200 (his prior best measure was 1,064,500, submitted in 2010) that means he joins a disdainful “1.1 million club”.

Wiebe said:

I’m a ways divided from any universe record on Donkey Kong, though it certain felt good to cranky a 1.1M mark. we was only doing a use diversion before we was going to stream, and we had a good run for 1,106,200. we should be streaming bland for a summer and hopefully, we can strike my subsequent miracle of 1.15M soon.

King of Kong 2, we say? Stranger things have happened…

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