Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Kantar: Android Remains Ahead Of iOS In Market Share, Massive Push In China

Android and iOS are relocating serve to browbeat a tech world. In a news published by Kantar on OS marketplace shares. With a latest report, we get re-assured that there are only dual contenders in a smartphone ecosystem – Android and OS.

The news states that Android gained a marketplace share in China by 9.3 points year-on-year. In Q3, Android strike 83.2% shares. It purebred slower expansion in Europe where it only went adult by 1.4% to strech 74.3% in a third quarter. In a US, Android witnessed a reversal by 1.8 points and purebred 56.4% shares, though still, manages to stay forward of Apple’s iOS. Apple and Samsung order seventy percent of a US domestic market.

Looking during a numbers, Kansas says that a universe marketplace is changing, generally with a appearance of new smartphone makers. However, in a US, a shred is roughly dominated by 3 vital mobile phone brands that consecrate four-fifths of sum sales.

In a report, Kantar states:

Seventy percent of a US domestic marketplace is dominated by Apple and Samsung, and a third largest manufacturer, LG, accounted for an additional 11.1% of sales in a 3 months finale Jan 2017.

The stats for a US are not most expected to change as many of a recently announced smartphones are not removing launched in a country, only yet. However, in a Europe, numbers could change in some approach as many new phones have been launched in a shred along with a lapse of Nokia.

It is value observant that Nokia has a constant fanbase in Europe and with a new lineup of Android phones entrance adult in a region, we can design an boost in Android stats. In a year 2016, Nokia purebred 6% of smartphones sole opposite a EU5, that done it a fourth largest code in a shred during that time. In a report, Kantar also outlines that Nokia has a good shot during success in a regions such as Spain and Italy, in a mid-range and entry-level segment.

In a report, Kantar also records that iPhone 7 stays a top grosser in a vast markets. It says:

In EU5, Android accounted for 74.3% of smartphone sales in a latest period, a extrinsic boost from 72.9% in a 3 months finale Jan 2016. iOS hold a 22.7% share, with iPhone 7 remaining a top-selling device in Great Britain, France, and Germany.

Kantar also outlines that 3 smartphone brands in civic China are winning a landscape – Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi. Two other brands – Oppo and Vivo are clocking continual expansion to plea a determined brands in a region.

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