Published On: Mon, Dec 25th, 2017

Julian Assange’s Twitter comment goes offline, returns

It’s a Christmas spectacle of sorts. Julian Assange’s Twitter comment left from a site, returned, and now there’s a bouncing baby Corgi adult top. The comment appears to have left offline around 7:00/8:00PM ET on Christmas Eve, a wordless night for a Wikileaks founder.

Attempts to entrance a page overnight were met with a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” message. The site’s central account, meanwhile, stayed online, with several of a many new posts soliciting donations.

As of 10AM ET this morning, Assange’s comment is behind adult — nonetheless during present, his supporter count has dipped precipitously, dropping next 10,000.

Around half an hour after going behind online, a newly easy comment posted another concession solicitation, this time with a brief video of an vehement Corgi. Neither accounts have addressed a several hours of downtime. We’ve reached out to Twitter about a incident, though unsurprisingly have nonetheless to hear behind — Christmas morning and all.

Assange’s comment was down prolonged adequate to pull a good understanding conjecture that it might have been pulled for a specific reason. CBS news reports that another unverified comment claiming to be Assange popped adult in his absence, suggesting a strange had been pulled forward of a blockbuster Wikileaks release. That one, however, has given been dangling by a service.

If it was, indeed, an imposter, it would frequency be a initial time someone done waves sanctimonious to be Assange on a amicable network. And, of course, this is frequency a initial time a high form domestic comment left from a site but reason this year. 

Featured Image: New Media Days / Peter Erichsen/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 3.0 LICENSE

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