Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Judge delays Waymo/Uber hearing until Dec 4th

This morning, Judge William Alsup ruled that a Waymo v. Uber hearing would be behind until Dec 4th. The hearing had primarily been approaching to start with jury preference on Oct 10th. Ultimately, this gives Waymo additional time to examination new papers compared with a Stroz news in allege of a start of a trial.

Waymo has been pulling for a check to comment for a towering of materials in need of examination surrounding Stroz’s due industry report. The report, that was published online final night, was consecrated to try intensity IP concerns around Uber’s merger of Otto.

During arguments today, Waymo’s authorised group remarkable that a volume of papers associated to a news is “shocking.” These are papers that Waymo is only removing a hands on and has not entirely evaluated in allege of a start of a trial. Part of a team’s exasperation is that it has allegedly asked mixed times for these papers to be sent over with no advance made.

Uber, on a other hand, has been discreet about vouchsafing pre-trial find drag on. Its authorised group says that a infancy of a papers Waymo wants to puncture by have been cumulative in a storage trickery given 2010. They claim that Waymo has already spent 4,450 hours reviewing materials and that a association is doubtful to find additional justification in a aged collection of documents.

Meanwhile, Judge Alsup stays undone with both sides for presenting in “half-truths.” Alsup pronounced that notwithstanding a peculiarity of a lawyers he has had to weigh all said. He spent poignant time currently evaluating a effect of statements done by both sides.

“I trust that Waymo has farfetched a need for continuation and it’s not scarcely as apocalyptic as what has been represented to me,” Judge Alsup asserted.

Despite his annoyance, he still motionless to extend a continuation — a check in a start of a trial. Jury preference will now start on Nov 29th. The hearing will run from Dec 4th until Dec 20th.

The check did come with terms, however. Judge Alsup’s new report is non-negotiable and prevents new find absent chapter or an vital preference from Magistrate Judge Corley.

Over a entrance weeks, Waymo will be looking to tie one of a trade secrets to Uber’s work. Waymo will be authorised to move a suit to rectify a list of 9 trade secrets, purported to have been stolen by Uber, adult until Oct 23rd.

That list of 9 trade secrets is pronounced to be cemented exclusive an impassioned discovery. If a vital find is done and a list is authorised to be amended, Uber would be postulated additional discovery.

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