Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2019

JRPG Asdivine Hearts II Launches On Nintendo Switch Today

Asdivine Hearts II has only plonked itself onto a Switch eShop. Yep, it’s accessible today.

The diversion picks adult dual years after a events of a strange game, Asdivine Hearts, with Zack and friends anticipating themselves streamer off on another quest. This time, a squad wish to save a together universe of Archelio, that is on a verge of being solidified in ice. In a good touch, a diversion facilities a outline of a prior diversion so that we can burst right into a supplement if we prefer.

Speaking of a prior game, it’s value observant that we had churned feelings after a playthrough for review. We pronounced that Asdivine Hearts is “entirely efficient though formidable to entirely recommend; it ticks many boxes from a retro inspirations, and players looking for pristine comfort gaming will find elements to enjoy, though as an knowledge it’s eventually underwhelming”. Naturally, we’re anticipating that this supplement competence give us only a small bit more.

These screenshots should hopefully give we a improved bargain of what to expect:

Asdivine Hearts II has we heading adult to 6 characters into battle, destroying onslaughts of absolute foes along a way, and also gives we a ability to ascent singular weapons and learn new skills. As remarkable above, it launches currently and can be purchased for £11.69 / $12.99.

Did we play a original? Are we a fan of JRPGs? Share your thoughts on this one with us in a comments.

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