Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

JPR’s Market Share Report Reveals Moderate Dedicated Graphics Sales in Q1 2017 – NVIDIA Down 27.8% & AMD Down 34.6% Due To Seasonality

JPR’s reports marketplace share for  a PC Graphics Market Q1 2017; Intel’s iGPUs transport really good amidst a anniversary downturn

The 4.5% yearly diminution of a GPU marketplace was driven approximately 13% by dedicated graphics cards and equivalent by a 2% boost in Notebook GPUs. As distant as a dedicated graphics attention goes, a yearly diminution of 17.5% was driven by around 24.81%% from AMD, 25.64% from NVIDIA and around 13.91% from Intel. All in all, Intel’s iGPUs fared most improved than a rest, clocking in a lowest diminution that was driven by seasonality. This is indeed a really good substitute for PC sales as good and shows that people were actively upgrading their PCs/laptops this quarter.

  • The insert rate of GPUs (includes integrated and dissimilar GPUs) to PCs for a entertain was 136% that was down -4.75% from final quarter.
  • Discrete GPUs were in 31.36% of PCs, that is down -4.57%.
  • The altogether PC marketplace decreased -14.65% quarter-to-quarter, and decreased -1.74% year-to-year.
  • Desktop graphics add-in play (AIBs) that use dissimilar GPUs decreased -29.83% from final quarter.
  • Total dissimilar GPUs (desktop and notebook) shipments for a attention decreased -25.5% from a final quarter, and decreased -6.0% from final year. Sales of dissimilar GPUs vacillate due to a accumulation of factors (timing, memory pricing, etc.), new product introductions, and a change of integrated graphics. Overall, a CAGR from 2014 to 2017 is now -9%.

It competence seem that AMD farted improved than a reflection in terms of graphics, though that is usually if we count a sum outcome of dGPUs and APUs. If we sequester a two, AMD’s Radeon dialect fared worse than a immature counterpart.. AMD’s shipments of  APUs, for desktops decreased -22.2% from a prior quarter. AMD’s APU shipments were down -18.8% in notebooks. Desktop dissimilar GPUs decreased -34.6% from final quarter, and cover dissimilar shipments decreased -16.0%.

You can review these numbers to Nvidia’s desktop dissimilar GPU shipments, that were down -27.8% from final quarter. The company’s cover dissimilar GPU shipments decreased -23.0%, and sum PC graphics shipments decreased -25.6% from final quarter.

Intel’s desktop processor embedded graphics (EPGs) shipments decreased from final entertain by -10.5% and cover processors decreased by -8.0%, and sum PC graphics shipments decreased -13.9% from final quarter.Ninety 9 percent of Intel’s non-server processors have graphics, and over 66% of AMD’s non-server processors enclose integrated graphics; AMD still ships integrated graphics chipsets (IGPs).

Needless to say, while these numbers might seem grim,  they were unconditionally approaching due to a inlet of seasonality. We have seen these companies equivalent cyclical trends on arise though mostly, slight prevails.




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