Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2016

Jolla Signs African OEM Mi-Fone To Sell Sailfish-Powered Handsets

Mobile OS builder Jolla, who with a Android choice Sailfish has been perplexing to carve out a niche for a third platform in a smartphone space for a past 5 years, has announced it’s sealed a new OEM partner: African OEM Mi-Fone.

“Mi-Fone is one of a initial African device vendors, aiming to be one of a streamer African device vendors by 2020,” pronounced Jolla authority Antti Saarnio, in a press lecture today. “Africa is very, unequivocally engaging for Jolla.”

Jolla announced a initial OEM partner final July, India’s Intex. Intex, that is display a initial Sailfish powered device, a Aqua Fish, here during Mobile World Congress, pronounced it wants to get a handset to marketplace in India as shortly as probable – operative to an Apr to May time support this year.

Mi-Fone will also now be bringing mixed Sailfish inclination to marketplace in a inner region. The initial device is due after this year, entrance to “selected African markets in Q2″.

Saarnio laid out Jolla’s subject that a mobile space is streamer into a third proviso powered by mobile ecommerce, payments and a Internet of Things — that he argued will pierce a attention over a stream dominance of ad-powered business models.

“These things are shops already,” he said, holding adult his handset. “It’s not about promotion anymore.”

He talked adult remoteness and confidence as a differentiating advantage for Jolla – arguing that if mobiles are shops and enclose people’s banking information afterwards confidence and information remoteness are an imperative.

“The subsequent epoch in mobile will be unequivocally most focused on remoteness and that’s what we are already feeling with a partners when we are deliberating with governments and opposite device vendors,” he said.

“We’re now articulate with opposite governments about how we could assistance them emanate their possess OS,” combined Saarnio, observant that a proclivity is for them to have control and full prominence into program to be reassured there’s no backdoors. “Lots of BRICs nation [are interested] though we’re also saying other countries are waking adult for this topic.”

He confirmed the Russian supervision is one meddlesome in building on Sailfish. And also reliable Jolla does have some Russian investors, among a other general funders.

Its pitch to a OS chartering partners is a possibility to have their calm showcased prominently on handsets — around a Partner Spaces baked into a OS. Ultimately Saarnio pronounced Jolla sees intensity to take a share of ecommerce income directly itself. Although primarily he pronounced a pull is for OS licensing.

A second announcement during today’s event brings in another partner: ethical mobile device builder Fairphone pronounced it has committed to offer Sailfish as an OS choice to a buyers in future, nonetheless it will be offering alongside Android so it will count on users to select Sailfish over Android.

The Sailfish-powered Fairphone started as a village pier plan though is now evidently on a some-more grave footing, with Fairphone now display Sailfish using on a stirring supplement handset. The device includes a neat modular hardware pattern underline that allows inner and core components (such as a screen) to be some-more simply substituted out to extend a altogether lifecycle of a handset.


Jolla has strew a possess hardware creation ambitions, tightening concentration on a core program asset. The company scraped by a appropriation genocide hollow late final year after unwell to tighten a Series C financing round, streamer it to ‘temporarily’ let go of around half a staff.

It did subsequently tighten a turn though has been incompetent to re-hire all employees so is a somewhat smaller small fish than it was in 2015. Despite that Saarnio was sounding upbeat today.

“Now we are strongly continuing, as we can see, with a partners. I’m unequivocally happy that a partners, during this formidable time, believed in us. And we were means to continue with a projects that we started before that.”

“Jolla is here, Sailfish is here and we are going to stay,” he added.

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