Published On: Mon, Aug 17th, 2015

Jeff Bezos Says The New York Times’ Amazon Expose Got It All Wrong

This weekend’s must-read story from a universe of tech is this prolonged New York Times news on a operative culture. (Go forward and review it if we haven’t yet.)

Described as a “bruising workplace,” authors Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld interviewed over 100 stream and former Amazonians, pulling together a story full of horrific anecdotal tales of staff indignity on a basement of family bereavement, personal health issues and more.

Given Amazon’s inflection as a heading record company, a story righteously caused controversy. It’s tough to suppose a some-more poisonous operative sourroundings than a one described in a New York Times story, irrespective of either a square is accurate or not. Nonetheless, it was engaging to see that many of a tech industry’s tip names — former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and VCs Marc Andresseen and Keith Rabois — came out to dismiss a sum as merely partial of what creates disruptive companies disruptive.

Notably, though, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos — a tech inciter and shaker himself — isn’t one such apologist.

“The essay doesn’t news a Amazon we know or a caring Amazonians we work with each day,” Bezos wrote in an inner memo performed by GeekWire, a tech blog formed in Seattle, Amazon’s home turf.

“I strongly trust that anyone operative in a association that unequivocally is like a one described in a NYT would be crazy to stay. we know we would leave such a company,” Bezos combined in a note, that urged staff to hit him privately with justification of staff indignity in line with a story.

“But hopefully, we don’t commend a association described. Hopefully, you’re carrying fun operative with a garland of shining teammates, assisting invent a future, and shouting along a way,” a Amazon trainer wrote, signing off his memo.

It’s singular for Bezos to respond directly to news or a report, as GeekWire notes, that creates this inner email blast all a some-more tantalizing.

Could it be that journalistic license, a pre-defined story plot, or over-zealous former employees penetrating to grub an axe, competence have colored a New York Times story? Or is Bezos only creation a unfortunate PR pierce given a blast that a story caused?

One Amazon worker already spoke out rejecting a report, and it’ll be engaging to see whether others trustworthy to a association now or in a past come out in public, and, if so, what they have to say.

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