Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

Japanese My Nintendo Users Are Being Treated To Adorable Physical Goodies


Once again, we find ourselves looking during a Japanese My Nintendo rewards use with an almighty volume of jealousy. While a western variants of My Nintendo have given adult on a use of charity earthy rewards, Japan’s prerogative complement is still going clever and these latest gifts are really poetic indeed.

Down below, we can see a Nintendo Labo Pen Stand Piggy Bank, a Super Mario Letter Set, a The Legend of Zelda Letter Set, and an Animal Crossing Letter Set. Each object can be claimed for a series of Platinum Points (in a same approach western fans can get digital games) with only a shipping price combined on during checkout.

Nintendo Labo Pen Stand Piggy Bank


Super Mario Letter Set

The Legend of Zelda Letter Set

Animal Crossing Letter Set

We suppose this is a flattering stupid doubt to ask, though would we like to see Nintendo move earthy rewards behind to a western My Nintendo sites? Do we have any equipment from a good aged Club Nintendo days? Share your thoughts below.

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