Published On: Sat, May 27th, 2017

It’s Unlikely Blizzard Will Add an In-Game Ranked Scoreboard to Overwatch

Overwatch is utterly a singular first-person shooter in many ways. For instance, Blizzard motionless from a get-go that due to a group formed inlet of a gameplay, a normal scoreboard would be unpropitious in Overwatch.

In an talk with PC Gamer to applaud a launch anniversary, Game Director Jeff Kaplan didn’t sound too eager about a probability of adding a ranked scoreboard during some indicate in a future.

I consider it’s doubtful that we’d revisit putting in a ranked scoreboard, yet anything is possible. The categorical emanate with a ranked scoreboard is there is so most we can do to assistance your group that is scarcely unfit to measure, so it would never accurately simulate how useful we are to your team. For example, let’s contend your group is tied adult during a throttle indicate and only can’t seem to get through. You confirm to change to Tracer and get behind them. Standing on a indicate to lift a rivalry behind and creation them follow we around could be a best approach to open adult a throttle and let your group in, though it’s also intensely formidable to measure something like that. Another elementary instance is how most measure do we give Lucio for speed boosting a team? Sometimes attack that amped-up speed boost can totally conclude a group quarrel though it would be really tough to accurately give measure credit for something like that.

Kaplan creates some really good points and it’s tough not to determine with him. Still, do any of we skip a correct scoreboard in Overwatch? Let us know below.

In associated news, Blizzard’s entrance FPS was ranked a best shooter of all time in a consult conducted by Japanese repository Famitsu among a readers. If you’re still on a fence, do note that this weekend is giveaway to play on all platforms.

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