Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2020

It’s Official: The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is Getting A Sequel

Hope it’s a weird-as-hell, fun-as-hell, multi-planet highway outing that doubles as a hunt for a Chaos Emeralds by Sonic Tails. (Knux too, of course.) A big-budget, Sega-blue-sky-perfect illustration of a whole of a Mobius Galaxy, from Green Hill… Planet (?) to a strong Death Egg. Badniks, echindas, blue spheres… we name it, we wish it there.

First one, as good as it was, still felt kinda… safe. Almost like a execs were holding it behind on purpose. This time around we wish Paramount gives them a foolish volume of money and lets Fowler and Co. do whatever they like – as if anyone’s warranted a right to do so, it’s them. Best expel scenario, it builds on and outclasses a initial one in a approach not seen given Aliens approach behind when. Worst box scenario, it’ll be a many interesting sight mutilate in years. There’s no approach it winds adult in between – and, possibly way, I’m there day 1.

The foundations are established. The assembly is pumped. So Paramount, we have one elementary request: Go. All. Out.

(And keep Collen Villard as Tails. Tom Holland need not apply.)

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