Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2020

It’s Now A Little Easier To Get Original Color Magearna In Pokémon Home

Original Color Magearna

The launch of Pokémon Home on Switch and mobile inclination got off to a somewhat hilly start, with a series of early players stating issues surrounding ‘Original Color’ Magearna – a Pokémon that we can accept as a present in-game.

There has been some difficulty on a matter from a start, though users who successfully finished a Living Pokédex inside a app (having one of each singular beast sitting in your boxes) should have competent to accept a present Pokémon. Many didn’t, or perceived a ‘glitched’ chronicle of a Pokémon instead, and progressing this month it was announced that a app would bear upkeep to solve issues.

The upkeep now appears to be complete, and Serebii reports that a conditions for earning a Mageana present are now a small some-more gentle. Instead of requiring a full Living Pokédex, players can now acquire Magearna by carrying a full National Pokédex purebred within a app. This means we can trade Pokémon in and out of a app to register them, though don’t need to have each singular one permitted in vital form.

Serebii also records that a upkeep has “seemingly” bound blank hurdles already redeemed by a player.

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