Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

Is Zoom a subsequent Android or a subsequent BlackBerry?

In business, there’s zero so profitable as carrying a right product during a right time. Just ask Zoom, a prohibited cloud-based video conferencing height experiencing bomb expansion interjection to a remarkable aptitude in a age of sheltering in place.

Having worked during BlackBerry in a heyday in a early 2000s, we see a lot of parallels to what Zoom is going by right now. As Zooming into a video assembly or a classroom is today, so too was pulling out your BlackBerry to glow off an email or check your bonds circa 2002. Like Zoom, a association afterwards famous as Research in Motion had a right product for craving users that increasingly wanted to do business on a go.

Of course, BlackBerry’s story didn’t have a happy ending.

From 1999 to 2007, BlackBerry seemed totally unstoppable. But afterwards Steve Jobs announced a iPhone, Google launched Android and all of a chinks in a BlackBerry armor started entrance undone, one by one. How can Zoom equivocate a same fate?

As someone who was during both BlackBerry and Android during their heydays, my biggest takeaway is that product knowledge trumps all else. It’s some-more critical than confidence (an emanate Zoom is removing bloody about right now), what CIOs want, your user implement bottom and a incomparable code identity.

When a iPhone was released, many people within BlackBerry righteously forked out that we had a technical leg adult on Apple in many areas critical to business and craving users (not to discuss a earthy keyboard for fast cranking out emails)… though how most did that advantage matter in a end? If there is critical marketplace pull, a rest eventually gets figured out… a doctrine we schooled from my time during BlackBerry that we was propitious adequate to be means to immediately request when we assimilated Google to work on Android.

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