Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

Is Facebook passed to Gen Z?

The essay is on the wall for Facebook — a height is losing marketplace share, fast, among immature users.

Edison Research’s Infinite Dial investigate from early 2019 showed that 62% of U.S. 12–34 year-olds are Facebook users, down from 67% in 2018 and 79% in 2017. This diminution is quite important as 35–54 and 55+ age organisation use has been consistent or even increased.

There are many theories behind Facebook’s tumble from beauty among millennials and Gen Zers — an liquid of comparison users that change a dynamics of a platform, foe from some-more mobile and visual-friendly platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and a company’s remoteness scandals are only a few.

We surveyed 115 of our Accelerated campus ambassadors to learn some-more about how they’re regulating Facebook today. It’s value observant that this organisation skews comparison Gen Z (ages 18–24); we think you’d get opposite formula if we surveyed younger teens.

Overall invasion is still high, as 99% of a respondents have Facebook accounts. And many aren’t abandoning a height wholly — 59% are on Facebook each day, and another 32% are on weekly. Daily Facebook use is many reduce than Instagram, however, that 82% of a respondents use daily and 7% use weekly.

Data from a scouts also confirms that a change in use in a final few years is quite thespian among younger users. 66% news regulating Facebook reduction frequently over a past dual years, compared to 11% who use it some-more frequently (23% contend their use hasn’t changed).

What’s many engaging is what college students are regulating Facebook for. When we were in high propagandize and college in a early/mid 2010s, a friends used Facebook to post (broadcast) calm around their status, photos, and posts on friends’ Walls. Today, really few students use Facebook to “broadcast” content. Only 5% of a respondents contend they frequently upload photos to Facebook, 4% post on friends’ Walls, and 3.5% post calm to a Newsfeed (statuses). What are they doing instead?

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