Published On: Fri, Apr 13th, 2018

Is Android Popsicle next?

Barring any arrange of vital shakeup during Google’s mobile division, there are dual things we know for certain about a subsequent Android’s name: it will start with a minute “P” and it will be a dessert food. That already narrows things down utterly a bit — you’ve got pudding, pecan pie, peanut brittle…

Then, of course, there’s Popsicle — a fact a association competence good be alluding to in a new Spring Wallpaper Collection. 9to5Google remarkable a colorful array of solidified confections in among a selections. Granted, it’s not thematically too distant from a rest of a outdoor, sunshine-themed offerings.

Google’s never shied divided from such impertinent suggestions — and it’s positively teased us before, including in a lead adult to Oreo. Though that could only as simply meant it’s a bit of a red herring — remember Android Pocky?

It’s value observant that Popsicle is, in fact, still a copyright name — like Kleenex and Xerox and Frisbee. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Google in a past. See such new examples as Kit-Kat and Oreo. And while Popsicle-owner Unilever has flexed a muscles progressing a tenure of a name, it’s tough to suppose a better/cheaper graduation than stamping your name opposite a latest build of a world’s many renouned mobile handling system.

There is, of course, a emanate of a fact that a Popsicle name isn’t as globally synonymous with a ice cocktail as it is here in a States. You might know it, perhaps, as an ice lolly, ice retard or ice drop, depending on where we occur to be reading this.

Whatever a case, Google’s substantially only happy that we’re articulate about it during all.

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