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Is Amazon operative on a new messaging app called Anytime?

Messaging apps currently are one of a many renouned ways consumers promulgate today, not only with any other but, increasingly, with businesses and services. Now there are signs that we could see another large actor enter a messaging fray, alongside some-more determined services from Facebook, Snapchat, Wechat and more.

Amazon appears to be sounding out a marketplace on a new use called Anytime, a full-featured, standalone messaging app for smartphones, tablets, PCs and intelligent watches designed to let people discuss with content and video, send any other fun photos with filters, play games and rivet with other Amazon services like song and food grouping (and other shopping), and correlate with businesses.

The association has been regulating a consult removing feedback on a new app, according to AFTV News, that has published screenshots detailing a Anytime name and some of a features, supposing by a user who claimed to have perceived a survey.

The outline in a consult records that a app would also concede people to bond to any other though wanting to know their phone numbers — a common connector among other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Viber. “Reach all your friends only regulating their name. No numbers needed,” it notes.

One thing to dwindle is that one of a survey’s pages common by AFTV also contains a typo in a territory describing remoteness on a app: “Keep chats private and encryt critical messages,” it reads. This could indicate to this possibly not being a genuine consult from Amazon, or someone in Amazon’s marketplace investigate organisation unwell to run a spell check. It wouldn’t be Amazon’s initial typo.

We have reached out to Amazon to ask about all of this. The association has concurred a doubt though has not supposing a response. In a meantime, we’ve looked around and can’t find any clues on a internet so distant that indicate to a existence of Anytime.

However, a suspicion of Amazon rising a consumer messaging app is not that far-fetched. There are a series of reasons why:

For starters, Amazon has already been building messaging services, both for enterprises and consumers.

On a craving front, a company’s AWS multiplication expelled a communications use called Chime earlier this year that includes both messaging and videoconferencing features. The app is built in partial regulating record that Amazon picked adult by a merger of talent and record from a few opposite startups, including videoconferencing app Biba and assembly capability service Do.

Interestingly, as we remarkable during a time that we unclosed explanation of a Biba acquisition, a association could simply use a record for craving services (and it appears that it has), though there was a possibility it could also find a approach into consumer products as well. This could be one of those products.

Also critical is a fact that Amazon has already started to drop a toes into consumer communications, namely with Alexa Calling.

As we forked out when a giveaway job and messaging use was launched in May, we suspicion it was critical that Amazon was from a start expanding a communications knowledge outward of a Echo-device ecosystem: people could also use their Alexa apps — on smartphones and other hardware — to promulgate with any other.

It creates a lot of clarity that Amazon would rise a some-more focused, standalone messaging knowledge as a course of that.

There is also Amazon’s prolonged diversion to consider. Back in 1998, scarcely 20 years ago, Amazon acquired a startup out of Boston called PlanetAll, that competence best be described as a really early prototype to Facebook (right down to a Harvard pedigree).

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner and CEO, during a time remarkable that PlanetAll was “the many innovative use of a Internet I’ve seen… It’s simply a breakthrough in doing something as elemental and critical as staying in touch. The reason PlanetAll has over 1.5 million members–and is flourishing even faster than a Internet–is simple: it creates unusual value for a users. we trust PlanetAll will infer to be one of a many critical online applications.”

Wise words, deliberation what Facebook has come to paint in a universe today. However, Amazon finished adult shutting down PlanetAll in 2000, incorporating some of a recommendation record into a Marketplace.

Notably, it has hold on to PlanetAll’s amicable networking patents (as good as a redirection to What we are saying now could be one of Amazon’s moves to reenter into this space.

There are other hints we’ve had during TC that there has been a incomparable amicable network plan underway during Amazon. One tip we got in 2016 sums it up: “Someone needs to do some questioning on Amazon’s new top-secret amicable media height that is pronounced to opposition Facebook,” it read. “This is not Goodreads, this is something totally opposite that will confederate with Amazon.” (Amazon never replied to a ask for criticism during a time we got that tip.)

I speculated in May that Alexa Calling could have been associated to this; Anytime (or whatever a app’s name might be) could be, too.

There are also other precedents here that are value noting. Rakuten — described as a “Amazon of Japan” by some — acquired a possess messaging app, Viber, in 2014. Viber is now operative on some-more integrations with other Rakuten services, including offered recommendations.

Messaging services have developed a ton over a final integrate of years, and now are used for most some-more than elementary content messaging and giveaway calls. Facebook and apps out of Asia like Line and WeChat have led a assign with new facilities like AI-based bots for users promulgate with businesses and to collect adult information, and ways to buy items, play games and more.

Amazon has had churned success with amicable offered (whatever happened to #AmazonCart?) though all a same, my theory is that it doesn’t wish to remove tenure of whatever patron exchange might be function on these platforms. Having a possess messaging use — an prolongation of a conversations users are already carrying with Amazon around Alexa on a Echo — would let it emanate some-more firmly integrated experiences, such as organisation food grouping and organisation song listening. In gripping with how Amazon has been building products like a Echo and a Fire tablets, it tries to build in synergy with a other products from a start.

We’ll refurbish this post as we learn more. (And if we know something about Anytime or any of Amazon’s other movements in social, get in touch.)

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