Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

iPhone 8 Glass Edition Concept Reveals a Powerful Innards While Making a Phone Sparkle Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Apple’s iPhone 8 has solidified a position of featuring an edge-to-edge arrangement and a potion and steel framework to concede a support of wireless charging given with a dismissal of a headphone jack, we would need a suitable replacement.

However, what if we got to see an iPhone 8 that would have a pure back, divulgence all a components all easily soldered together to unequivocally make a Note 8 eat dust? Well, this latest judgment highlights accurately that and while we’ll try not to go all fanboyish during a latest concept, it is unequivocally formidable gripping a eyes off of this.

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iPhone 8 Glass Edition Concept Envisions What Apple’s Future Smartphone Could Look Like With a Device That Sports a Transparent Back

The gifted guys during Curved have suspicion of their possess iPhone 8 judgment that facilities a steel and potion back, though this time they are going all pure with a behind side of a phone. This proceed is not opposite that we have seen before. Lots of YouTubers have successfully attempted to mislay a glue benefaction on a backside of a Galaxy S8 and G6 to successfully exhibit a innards by giving both phones a pure back.

We still anticipate because manufacturers have not adopted this given it would mislay one step from a whole public process. The gummy glue featuring a company’s name and smartphone’s indication will have to be exempted from a behind side of a phone in sequence for it to competition this look.

After successfully attempting it with a Galaxy S8 and G6, it will be engaging to see if teardown experts can facilely lift this out on a iPhone 8 but violation something in between. The smartphone is approaching to be phenomenon during a month of September.

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Nonetheless, we can check out a judgment video right next and also take caring to demeanour during a images given above and give your thoughts down in a comments as well.

Source: YouTube (Curved)

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