Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

iPhone 8 Could Get High Frame Rate Recording during UHD Resolutions – 60 Frames Per Second Definitely Sounds Like a Mouthful

From a absolute A11 SoC to a edge-to-edge glass, a iPhone 8 will really be miles forward of any iPhone that we’ve seen to date. However, it appears that with all going on, Apple also wants to concentration on a optics of a arriving flagship phone and according to a latest leaked line of code, a iPhone 8 could get a outrageous ascent as distant as video recording goes. How does 4K video recording during 60 frames per second sound?

Recording 4K Video Recording during 60 Frames Per Second Detailed, But No Indication of Video Recording Slow-Motion Videos during a 1,000 Frames Per Second

With a Galaxy S8 and Xperia XZ Premium removing entrance to recording slow-motion videos during 1,000 frames per second (this is singular to a fortitude of 720p), it is sincerely apparent that Apple would be operative on a camera ascent of a possess to yield a estimable matchup. According to a line of code, a many sparkling square of justification suggesting that a iPhone 8 camera will be means to record 4K footage during 60 frames per second has been given below:

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[CAMCaptureCapabilities isBack4k60VideoSupported]

However, that is not a usually sparkling thing about this leak; there’s another picture that sum that both a front and behind camera of a smartphone will be means of recording during a same resolution, that is a outrageous mangle for those who wanted to record high-end footage being prisoner from a front side of a device.

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Compact inclination like movement cameras and smartphones were not means to record 4K footage during aloft support rates though it looks like we are relocating to an epoch where 1080p video recording will demeanour like child’s play for these absolute mobile computing machines. However, recording 4K footage during 60 frames per second means that storage will be eaten adult fast that is because a iPhone 8 has been rumored to boat out with a 256GB indication only like a predecessors.

Are we vehement to see a iPhone 8 boat out with a 4K 60FPS recording upgrade? Tell us down in a comments.

Source: Twitter (Hamza Sood)

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