Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

iPhone 7 was a tip holiday gift, though Apple Watch is fading

More iPhone 7 inclination were unwrapped over a 2016 holidays compared with Google Pixel smartphones, according to new information expelled by analytics use Mixpanel. Specifically, in a initial few days after Christmas, a series of singular iPhone 7’s increasing by 12.7 percent, compared with an 8.5 percent boost for Google’s newest flagship. And when comparing iOS to Android inclination in ubiquitous – including phones, tablets, and iPods – some-more new  Apple inclination were switched on in a initial 3 days after Christmas, than Android devices.

The series of unique Apple mobile inclination (excluding Apple Watches) increasing by 12.8 percent during this time, down from 15.8 percent final year. Meanwhile, a series of singular Android inclination increasing usually by 2.6 percent, down from 10.6 percent in 2015.

These total endorse an progressing news from Flurry Analytics that found that Apple inclination had the many activations via a week heading adult to Christmas Day and a start of Hanukkah, with 44 percent of activations globally.

Samsung came in second place with 21 percent – an denote that a Note 7 liaison didn’t spin off intensity Samsung business in poignant numbers.

However, conjunction Apple nor Samsung capitalized on their new smartphones, according to a new Wall St. Journal report, citing a miss of a thespian arise for possibly tech company. Apple might have led activations with a 44 percent share, though that was down from 49.1 percent a year before, it forked out.


In a new news from Mixpanel, a organisation additionally looked into a numbers compared with a Apple Watch, and found declines on that front in terms of usage.

In what appears to be a thoughtfulness of consumers’ overall waning seductiveness in smartwatches, Apple Watch use in a month of Dec 2016 is now next where it was during a same time final year, following a solid dump given rise use this May.


This doesn’t meant that people weren’t being means new Apple Watch inclination over a holidays – in fact, a series of singular Apple Watches increasing by 8.9 percent this year, during a initial 3 days after Christmas. However, that’s down from 18.6 percent during a same time final year, said Mixpanel.

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