Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

iOS 11 Can Play FLAC Files on iPhone & iPad – Here’s How

Audiophiles will be gratified to learn that iOS 11 can hoop FLAC audio files on both iPhone and iPad. Here’s how it works.

FLAC Files Are Playable around a new Files App – Not Exactly Convenient, But it’s There

iOS is not famous for personification FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files. But with iOS 11, a certain aspect of that idea changes. See, we get a ability to play FLAC files on your device, though a routine is a small inconvenient. It all starts from a new Files app itself. First and inaugural we duplicate FLAC files to iCloud Drive and a Files app will hoop things from there. There’s no combined support for a codec in a Music app itself.

Here’s what atm153 has to contend about it on Reddit:

Yup. I’m as repelled as we are. Throw some FLACs in iCloud Drive or whatever and we can play them behind directly on a device in Files. Tested on my 6S Plus on iOS 11 Beta 1.

Those with crazy quick Internet connectors during home and on a go competence find this underline appealing. Why? Because FLAC files are huge. It’s lossless audio after all. But still, it’s a underline that should be vital inside a Music app instead, rather than an problematic plcae like a Files app.

We are usually during a tip of a iceberg and there’s a lot some-more watchful to be discovered. And things get improved when we comprehend that a lot of beta updates will make a cut in due march that will move even some-more changes to a table. We will, as usual, keep we posted on what’s new and value a demeanour in iOS 11 and other program from Apple, so stay tuned.

In a meantime, make certain we let us know what we consider about FLAC support in iOS 11.

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