Published On: Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017

iOS 10.3.1 Download for iPhone & iPad Released with Security Fixes

Apple has expelled iOS 10.3.1 download for concordant iPhone, iPad and iPod hold devices. The new refurbish brings confidence improvements.

iOS 10.3.1 Focuses Strictly on Security – Update your iPhones and iPads Now

Apple has expelled a tiny refurbish for iPhone and iPad users around a creation that focuses particularly on regulating and improving confidence of devices, zero more. The full changelog of a refurbish is as follows.

As we can see, not most has changed, though this doesn’t meant we skip on a update. In sequence to ensue with a download over a air, launch a Settings app. After that, navigate to General Software Update. Once done, simply daub on a Download and Install button. The refurbish will take no some-more than a few mins to download with your device requiring a restart in sequence to finish installation.

Apart from a above mentioned track for updating your device, we can go forward and implement firmware updates from scratch. This means we will remove your information though will be left with a uninformed duplicate of a OS on your device. For some-more details, check out a following tutorial: How to Download iOS Updates Over a Air (OTA) or Using iTunes.

If we are looking for approach download links for iOS 10.3.1, afterwards we have come to a right place. Simply find your device in a list next and click on it, that will trigger a firmware download for that sold iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


  • iPhone 7 (Model 9,1)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (Model 9,2)
  • iPhone 7 (Model 9,3)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (Model 9,4)
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s (GSM)
  • iPhone 5s (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5c (GSM)
  • iPhone 5c (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5 (GSM)
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA)


  • 2017 iPad (WiFi)
  • 2017 iPad (Cellular)
  • iPad Pro (WiFi)
  • iPad Pro (Cellular)
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro (WiFi)
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro (Cellular)
  • iPad Air 2 (WiFi)
  • iPad Air 2 (Cellular)
  • iPad mini 4 (WiFi)
  • iPad mini 4 (Cellular)
  • iPad mini 3 (WiFi)
  • iPad mini 3 (Cellular)
  • iPad mini 3 (China)
  • iPad Air (WiFi)
  • iPad Air (Cellular)
  • iPad Air (CDMA)
  • iPad mini 2 (WiFi)
  • iPad mini 2 (Cellular)
  • iPad mini 2 (CDMA)
  • iPad 4 (WiFi)
  • iPad 4 (Cellular)
  • iPad 4 (CDMA)

iPod touch

  • iPod touch 6

Since this is a tiny update, therefore we don’t suggest behaving an iTunes revive for a uninformed start. Until or unless we are prolonged overdue for a uninformed implement of iOS, usually afterwards we might go forward and take a iTunes track for installation.

Don’t demur with this one folks. Any confidence refurbish is smashing to have right now.

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