Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

Introduction of Xbox One X & PS4 Pro Enables Lower Pricing of Base XO and PS4, Turtle Beach Believes

The introduction of a Xbox One X and PS4 Pro concede both Microsoft and Sony to dump a cost of a customary Xbox One and PS4 models, according to headset manufacturer Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach Corporation manufactures high-end gaming headsets for both a PS4 and Xbox One, and believes that Sony’s new and Microsoft’s arriving new hardware launches, could boost headset sales. That’s what Turtle Beach’s CEO, Juergen Stark, told investors during a company’s many new gain call.

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Stark believes that a introduction of a Xbox One X and PS4 Pro can be deliberate critical as it will be a initial time that dual new console’s will be introduced with finish back and brazen compatibility.

“at holiday, PlayStation 4 Pro will have been in a marketplace for about a year and a arriving Xbox One X, we usually mentioned, is announced to launch for a holiday offered season”, he said. “It’s critical to note that both console upgrades have retrograde compatibility. In fact, not usually are they concordant with existent titles though since of a console’s refurbish introduced by both Microsoft and Sony, comparison gen games done for a progressing versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will indeed play better.”

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A reduce cost for a customary PS4 and Xbox One?

Stark continued by saying that a introduction of a Xbox One X and PS4 could concede for a cost dump on a customary Xbox One and PS4. “We consider this is really critical since this outlines a initial time that a console videogame business has seen introduction of dual new console systems with finish back and brazen compatibility. And it’s a initial time that both Sony and Microsoft will have a two-tier product charity that might concede them to offer some-more rival pricing on their reduce tier models and attract new gamers into a console market.”

Later in a discussion call, Stark pronounced that headsets sales could advantage from a hardware refreshments in some-more than one way. “While not accounted for in a opinion explicitly, we consider new hardware launches could also boost sales, quite since they capacitate reduce pricing of a economy models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4”, a CEO said. “All-in-all, presumption good sales of marquee diversion titles, we see a really clever holiday deteriorate for a headset business.”

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Sony expelled a extended PS4 console, a PlayStation 4 Pro, final year. Microsoft will recover a mid-cycle console refreshment, a Xbox One X, after this year on Nov 7.

Do we trust that Sony’s and Microsoft hardware refreshments concede for a reduce pricing on a bottom Xbox One and PS4 models? Hit a comments below.

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