Published On: Sun, Oct 8th, 2017

Interview with Rebellion’s Robbie Cooke on Strange Brigade

The other week during EGX 2017 we was propitious adequate to locate adult with Rebellion’s Head of Marketing Robbie Cooke, and he sat down with me for a discuss about Rebellion’s subsequent large game; Strange Brigade.

We wrote a large preview on what we suspicion of Strange Brigade here, though for some-more discernment on a growth of a diversion and Rebellion’s destiny plans, only take a demeanour during a speak with a male himself below.

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I didn’t know anything about Strange Brigade and it was super interesting, we didn’t indeed know anything about it before we came here. The initial thing that struck me about it is a retro vibe, can we speak to me about a environment and era?

It’s utterly an engaging era, it’s set in a 1930s so it’s indeed pre-World War II and it tries to constraint a media of a time that was genuine in many ways, and all about adventuring and good vs. evil, speak of all these bizarre continents that people hadn’t been to before. But we also try to poke fun during a colonial opinion during a time, and poke fun during a British arrogance that we’re a best during everything, and also have a good brew of characters from all over a creation as well.

I unequivocally favourite a brew of characters and influences, though that stretches to a enemies too. we was fighting some arrange of… Zombie Egyptian things?

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The story is that you’re fighting a Witch Queen who has come behind from a dead; there’s a outrageous duration of Egyptian story that was wiped from a hieroglyphs, and it’s adult to your group to send her minions behind to their shallow, sandy graves. We’ve got a brew of enemies, we’ve got a Zombie-esque scale enemies, though there’s also correct Mummies, copiousness of bandages, and we’ll have some many bigger fabulous beasties.

I saw Anubis building over me, he looks unequivocally intimidating. When fighting opposite large enemies like that, does a gameplay stay a same or does it change when fighting bosses? Will we see environmental traps, etc.?

We’re still early on in growth in many ways; we’ve got a environments and we’ve designed out a enemies that we want, though in terms of blending adult a gameplay, we wish to keep it as sundry as probable when it comes to a bigger enemies. We’re anticipating ways to make them terrifying, though also fun to battle. You saw Anubis in a teaser trailer, though we’ll also have a Minotaur-esque enemy. There’ll be a lot of tactics, and in a group of four, it’ll be a lot of fun.

I’m guessing there’ll be online co-op, though any possibility of internal co-op?

No internal co-op, no. But it will be online, and we can play a whole diversion on your own, or in 4 actor commune online. We might supplement in additional modes, though during a stream theatre we’re focused on a account and a campaign, though we are anticipating to enhance a diversion further.

Will there be a operation of environments in a final game?

It’ll be unequivocally varied, in ubiquitous a diversion is set in North Africa opposite a accumulation of states that had opposite names behind in a 30s – we’re not nailing down locations, though there’s transparent influences from tools of North Africa and imaginary design too. You’re gonna see pyramids, you’re going to see temples and fun things. We’re gonna brew adult a daytimes and supplement in some additional things; sandstorms come in during a stream demo and we’re operative on things like that. We wish it to be sundry like a prior games, like Sniper Elite 4. Even with Sniper Elite 3, we had a lot of accumulation with canyons, dried areas and more. We’ll be display off some-more environments closer to launch.

Can we assume it’ll all be finished with a Rebellion clarity of humor?

RC- we don’t know if it’s Rebellion as a whole studio, though there’s positively tools of a group that have got their way! Zombie Army Trilogy is one of my favorite games we’ve finished since it’s got a impress of some members of staff in it, who adore their B-movie fear and 80s zombie films. And we consider this has a hold of a owners Jason Kingsley in it. One of a inspirations for a diversion was this 1930s design book with a design of a tiger jumping onto a car, and that’s one of a categorical inspirations or rising points for a thought behind a game. I’m certain you’ve listened a voice work from a actor Glen? It’s fantastic, and will unequivocally be pushing many of a humor, picking detached some of a things you’re doing though also giving a clarity of over a tip comedy to it.

I’m tempted to ask, is it in a same star as a Zombie Army Trilogy?

Players will have to make adult their possess minds! There is a impression called Frank Fairburn in it, so if anyone wants to demeanour that adult and make some connectors they’re some-more than welcome… Though we don’t consider we’ll be creation any statements about criterion right now! It’s not a supplement or prequel to any of a other games, unequivocally many it’s possess thing.

I consider Strange Brigade will be an engaging diversion for us since what started as a fun small side plan has turn a vital recover of a entrance few months, and we wish people see this as a vital Rebellion recover and an sparkling new IP. It’s easy when you’re an eccentric studio to play it safe, and rest on sequels, and of march we’re happy with a Sniper Elite array and Battlezone, though a new IP is one of a many sparkling things a studio can do.

Thank we for your time.

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