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Internal Testing Suggests Titanfall 2 Can Render Up To 6K on Xbox One X

Since a central proclamation of Xbox One X, players have pondered that titles will be extended effectively to have a opening during 4K. As we are many expected wakeful of, several Xbox One games will get giveaway updates to feat a additional capability of this console. One of them will be Titanfall 2 by Respawn Entertainment.

From a central site, a studio minute that a diversion will be optimized to run during a 4K fortitude on a new console. Respawn Entertainment’s Producer Drew McCoy posted a summary on a NeoGAF forums, indicating that in inner tests Titanfall 2 can describe adult during 3600p, a fortitude that surpasses 4K and approaches 6K.

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There were times on Wargames final time we was contrast where it was digest during ~3200p (6K?) internally. The inner describe fortitude is commanded by a GPU load, so apparently there are no guarantees as to how mostly it renders during sold resolutions, though radically we’re regulating 100% GPU all a time.

However, his follow-up post gradual expectations a little. The diversion is only regulating energetic super scaling, only like on PC.

In Titanfall 2 we combined energetic fortitude scaling, that can boldly reduce a fortitude a diversion internally renders during before scaling it to fit a outlay fortitude in sequence to say 60 hz output. We do have some tools of a describe tube that can not be scaled internally, like a UI and post-processing (color correction, bloom, etc.), so a outlay fortitude indeed still has to be set formed on some opening cliffs we can tumble off of. This is because a stream console versions of Titanfall 2 don’t only outlay to 4K already and afterwards let energetic fortitude scale take over – they’d constantly be scaling WAAAAY down and it’d be fugly. we tried. We do have a reduce firm so that any bugs or ULTRA heated movement don’t dump a fortitude to 240×135 or whatever.

So! Now we can scale down to say that honeyed honeyed 60 hz, and with a additional sharp temporal anti-aliasing we baked adult a indeed not that bad of an IQ trade-off for a gameplay advantages of well-spoken framerates. What this doesn’t criticism for is a ability to supersample. In a shipped chronicle of Titanfall 2 if we bucket it adult on a PS4 Pro (which has an outlay fortitude 1080p) on a 1080p arrangement we’re already downsampling to fit a outlay resolution, providing a crisper picture than you’d get with a true 1080p output. This means we don’t need a 4K TV to see a advantages of a aloft fortitude outlay on your 1080p display. Similarly, if we plugged in your X1 or PS4 to a 720p TV you’d be removing a aloft peculiarity picture than true 720p.

What energetic supersampling does is a same as a downscaling to say 60 hz, though in a conflicting direction. We internally describe all HIGHER than a outlay fortitude when probable and afterwards downsample it to fit a outlay fortitude – most like how a PS4 Pro chronicle looks improved on a 1080p than it would if we rendered during only 1080p. The finish outcome of this is that we can have a GPU cooking during 100% function regardless of movement on shade given we’re scaling down and adult to say 60 hz.

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All that pronounced – Titanfall 2 using on a X1X devkit during my table does NOT reliably run during any inner resolution. The outlay fortitude is 4K, though a frequency sitting on only 4K. It’ll drop and arise constantly, a same approach as a PC diversion using uncapped will never lay during only one framerate. What we’ve radically (in theory) finished is left from a sealed fortitude and non-static framerate, to a “locked” framerate and non-static resolution. This does not meant a diversion is always 60 hz, as there are points in a diversion where we are not GPU singular (or we are GPU limited, though a reduce firm isn’t low adequate to say 60 hz – try removing a dozen Scorch Titans all throwing agitator traps in one mark :P). In instances where we are CPU bound, we indeed boost fortitude until we turn GPU bound. Keep that GPU pumping!

None of this is new tech we’re adding to Titanfall 2 as a game. It is already benefaction in a PC chronicle we can play right now, we’re only removing it to work on console for a X1X launch. Someone could simply showcase a finish outcome of this by holding screenshots of a PC diversion with energetic supersampling on/off and their framerate aim set unequivocally low, like 5, to safeguard a scaling goes as high as possible. we do not know if it’ll make a approach to other console SKUs, though it competence be possible? Would be engaging to see how a PS4 Pro fares, for sure.

As for a “6K” criticism – given a prior explanations – we was personification some REDACTED on Wargames and happened to see a scale cause was during ~1.5X while sharpened some grunts. 3840×2160 x 1.5 = 5760×3240. As we creatively pronounced – no guarantees on inner fortitude during any time – though it was flattering extraordinary to see how high it was going. Good times.

The tests were conducted in The War Games, a new giveaway DLC for a diversion that will recover on Jun 27. The authorization will also seem shortly on mobile inclination interjection to Titanfall: Assault.

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