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Intel To Launch Ice Lake 8 Core, 16 Thread Mainstream CPUs in Second Half of 2018 – Will Feature Support on 300 Series Platform | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Sat, Sep 16th, 2017

Intel To Launch Ice Lake 8 Core, 16 Thread Mainstream CPUs in Second Half of 2018 – Will Feature Support on 300 Series Platform

Intel seems to be scheming a new array of processors that will serve boost a core count of their mainstream platform. The pronounced processor lineup is designed for launch in second half of 2018 and it competence be creation use of a latest 10nm routine technology.

Intel To Launch 8 Core, 16 Thread CPUs in 2nd Half of 2018 – Allegedly Constructed on 10nm Process, Ice Lake Architecture

The sum come from Eurocom, a famous manufacturer of high-end laptops and workstations that are designed to be mobile nonetheless entirely upgradable. A deputy of a association suggested on Note book Review forums that they will refurbish their Tornado F5 laptop to a Z390 chipset, ancillary Intel’s 8 Core, 16 Thread CPUs nearing in 2H 2018. The repute also mentioned that a Tornado F7 will also accept an refurbish though a association has no skeleton to refurbish their Tornado array to a stream Z370 chipset that launches in a few weeks.

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There are some engaging tidbits to cover here. First up, we now know that Intel is really going to offer 8 core and 16 thread processors on their mainstream platform. This will offer a good boost over a 6 core and 4 core Coffee Lake offerings that arrive this year. It should be forked out that Coffee Lake is formed on a same design as Kaby Lake so a new processors on Z390 play can use a opposite architecture.

Coming to a design side of things, Intel has settled that Ice Lake, their 2nd era 10nm processor architecture, will be good underneath prolongation in 2018. That looks like a arriving 8 cores chips will be formed on Ice Lake with a code new 10nm routine though it stays to be seen. Looking during a support side of things, Intel’s Z390 chipset’s purpose is now reliable as it’s meant to have support for aloft core count processors.

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Based on a roadmap details, we can demeanour during a launch in late Q3 or early Q4 (same like Coffee Lake), so that gives house manufacturers plenty volume of time to excellent balance their products. The doubt is that either a Z370 height will be transposed by all means or will a new CPUs sojourn concordant on Z370 and other 300-series boards. For now, we know that Intel will have a mainstream aspirant to Ryzen 7 processors in 2H 2018 though that doesn’t meant that AMD will sojourn wordless in 2018. There will be some good foe between a age aged rivals in a CPU dialect and we can’t wait to see what both of them have in movement for consumers in 2018.

Intel CPU Generation Comparison:

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