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Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X ‘Core-X Series’ CPU Review Roundup – Core i5-7640X, Core i7-7740X, Core i7-7800X, Core i7-7820X, Core i9-7900X and X299 Motherboards

Intel is finally going to lift a NDA on their HEDT Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors today. The processors are partial of a latest Core-X array family and will be featuring support on a high-end X299 platform.

Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X ‘Core-X Series’ CPU Roundup on HEDT X299 Platform

While Intel is lifting a NDA today, do note that those who pre-ordered a processors or devise on shopping one won’t get their chip or motherboard in palm compartment 26th of June. Nevertheless, those who do devise to buy or ascent to a X299 height can check out a reviews before to their purchase. Intel is segmenting their ‘Core-X’ array family in 3 parts. These embody a following:

intel-core-x-cpu-skylake-x-and-kaby-lake-x-x299-hedt-platform-launch_cpusRelated Intel Core-X Series ‘Skylake-X’ and ‘Kaby Lake-X’ CPUs Overclocking Detailed – Core i7-7740X Can Easily Hit 5 GHz, Liquid Cooling Recommended For All Chips

  • Intel Kaby Lake-X (4 Core CPUs)
  • Intel Skylake-X (6, 8, 10 Core CPUs)
  • Intel Skylake-X Xtreme Core Count (12, 14, 16, 18 Core CPUs)

As minute earlier, a initial launch would embody a Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X processors. The Kaby Lake-X lineup facilities twin models and are labelled next $400 US. The Skylake-X family comes with adult to 10 cores (initially) and labelled adult to $1000 US. Lastly, we have a XCC (Extreme Core Count) models that will boat with adult to 18 cores labelled adult to $2000 US though rising during Q3 2017.

There are some technologies that will be featured on Skylake-X processors though not on Kaby Lake-X series. These technologies are value mentioning as they lead to improved opening and fit CPU functioning. Upgrades such as a new Mesh design interconnect and Turbo Boost MAX 3.0 will be entirely discussed in a reviews posted below.

Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X ‘Core-X Series’ Review Roundup

You can find a reviews from several tech sites in a links below. The reviews competence or competence not embody mixed processors of a Core-X family that will be forked out in a listing. It’s also value observant that like AMD’s Ryzen platform, a X299 height is constantly being updated and new BIOS’s are being expelled to serve optimize and boost opening of a new CPUs. It will take some time before we get to see a tangible opening being squeezed out of these chips.

g-skill-ddr4-5-5-ghz-memory-overclock_x299_kaby-lake-x_3-2Related G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 Memory Overclocked To A Stunning 5.5 GHz Frequency on Intel’s Core i7-7740K X299 Platform

As distant as a examination is concnerned, we have behind it compartment a height is serve optimized for testing. We now have a ASUS X299 Prime-Deluxe motherboard and a Core i7-7820X in a hands. We are approaching to accept some-more motherboards such as ASRock’s X299 Taichi and AORUS X299 Gaming 7 in a entrance weeks along with a Core i7-7740X, Core i7-7800X and a Core i9-7900X for analysis purposes. Stay tuned for a review.

Intel Kaby Lake-X CPU Models (Up To 4 Cores, $389)

The Intel Core i7-7740X: Intel’s New Mainstream Quad-Core with 4 Cores / 8 Threads

Priced during $369 (you are profitable $92.25 per core) and featuring a code new KabyLake-X architecture, a Core i7-7740X is going to be Intel’s newest mainstream quad core offering. That said, a and points of this sold processor competence not interest to everyone. For one, we are profitable a significantly aloft cost per core and for not a lot of benefits. Secondly, this processor supports customarily twin channel DDR4-2666 and customarily 16 PCIe lanes. TDP has however been reduced to 112W, so energy unwavering buyers will like to go for this.

The Intel Core i5-7640X: Intel’s New Budget King with 4 Cores / 4 Threads

Priced during $242 (you are profitable $60.5 per core) and featuring a code new Kabylake-X architecture, a Core i5-7740X facilities customarily 4 Cores but Hyper Threading enabled. It facilities a 4.0 GHz bottom time that can boost adult to 4.2 GHz. 4MB of L2 cache is complimented by 6 MB of L3 cache. The processor supports Dual Channel DDR4-2666 and 16 PCIe lanes on a LGA-2066 socket. TDP is reduced to 112 Watts like a hyperthreaded brother. Unlike a hyperthreaded hermit however, this processor indeed offers a decent value tender and should sell like prohibited cakes in a mid-end segment.

Intel Skylake-X CPU Models (Up to 10 Cores, $1000)

The Intel Core i9-7900X: Intel’s High End Enthusiast Class Flagship with 10 Cores /20 Threads

Priced during $999 (you are profitable $99.9 per core) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core-i9 7900X is a initial processor that is labelled next a $1000 mark. This means that it will be one of a few broad-spectrum processors charity by this lineup. It facilities a bottom time of 3.3 GHz as good as a Turbo Boost Max 3.0 of 4.5 GHz. It also supports required Turbo Boost 2.0 adult to 4.3 GHz. 10 MB of L2 cache is complimented by 13.75 MB of L3 cache and facilities quad channel DDR4-2666 memory. It is a final processor of this lineup to underline 44 PCIe lanes. The TDP stays 140W.

The Intel Core i7-7820X: Intel’s High End Gaming Powerhouse with 8 Cores / 16 Threads

Priced during $599 (you are profitable $74.875 per core) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core i7-7820X is a processor that is all set for mainstream success. Priced during a mainstream high finish cost of $599, this sold CPU will take on a Ryzen high finish lineup that also facilities 8 cores and 16 threads. It has a bottom time of 3.6 GHz and a Turbo Boost Max 3.0 of 4.5 GHz. This is a aloft boost time than what Ryzen can now achieve. It can also conventionally boost adult to 4.3 GHz (using Turbo Boost 2.0). It will underline customarily 28 PCIe lanes as good as 140W TDP.

The Intel Core i7-7800X: Intel’s Mainstream King with 6 Cores / 12 Threads

Priced during $389 (you are profitable $64.83 per core) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core i7-7800X is something that is within a strech of a common mainstream market. Consumers who would have formerly left for a Core i7 processor with customarily 4 cores and 8 threads can now suffer a advantages of a 6 core – 12 threaded processor pleasantness of foe from AMD’s Ryzen. It can Turbo Boost (2.0) adult to 4.0 GHz and facilities a bottom time of 3.5 GHz. 6 MB of L2 cache is complimented by 8.25 MB of L3 cache and is a final processor to support 28 PCIe lanes in this lineup. TDP stays sealed during 140W.

Intel Skylake-X Extreme Core Count CPU Models (Up to 18 Cores, $2000)


The Core i9-7980XE: Intel’s Unbeatable Flagship ‘Skylake-X’ Processor with 18 Cores / 36 Threads

Priced during $1999 MSRP (you are profitable $111.11 per core) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, this savage of a processor will be a ideal go-to processor for calm creators that wish a limit throughput in terms of digest performance. This is a processor that will roughly positively be profusion for gaming (unless we are using some arrange of CaaS enterprise).

It has 18 cores and 36 threads and facilities Intel’s new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 record that can boost adult to 4.5 GHz (the bottom time is different during this point). The CPU facilities an L2 Cache of 18 MB (1 MB per core) as good as an L3 cache of 24.75 MB. Quad channel DDR4 adult to 2666 MHz is. The processor has a TDP of customarily 165W and is housed on a LGA 2066 hollow like a rest of a lineup.

The Core i9-7960X: Intel’s 16 Cores / 32 Threads Offering That Will Take On AMD’s ThreadRipper Platform

Priced during $1699 and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core i9-7960X has a accurate same core count as AMD’s top finish Threadripper CPU (thought to be called a Threadripper 1998X) and that’s not a coincidence. Intel has put this sold CPU to take on a Threadripper height in all a excellence (and core count) and facilities a Turbo Max 3.0 record customarily like a bigger brother. It will underline an L2 Cache of 16 MB (1MB per core) as good as an L3 cache of 22MB. Memory support is a same for all Skylake-X processors and stays quad channel DDR4-2666. The wattage is also sealed during 165W. At a moment, a bottom time of this various is unknown.

The Intel Core i9-7940X: Intel’s 14 Cores / 28s Thread Processor For Serious Content Creators

Priced during $1399 (you are profitable $106.18 per core) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core i9-7940X is one of a aloft finish offerings of this lineup and directed passed core during calm creators. Since no gamer is going to need some-more than 8 cores (and even that is debatable!) this whole lineup is targeted during a calm origination attention that needs to do discriminate complete tasks. The Core i9-7940X facilities a Turbo Max 3.0 Boost of 4.5 GHz (with different bottom clock). It facilities 14 MB of L2 cache as good as 19.25 MB of L3 cache. All other specs including quad channel DDR4 and TDP sojourn a same.

The Intel Core i9-7920X: Intel’s 12 Cores / 24s Threads Processor for Content Creators

Priced during $1189 (you are profitable $99.083 per core) ) and featuring a Skylake-X architecture, a Core i9-7920X is one of a some-more value oriented offerings for VR and calm creators. Priced during a comparatively affordable turn and still charity roughly 3 times a core count of what we would customarily get from a mainstream Core array (till a final generation), this sold processor is going to be a fan favorite. It facilities a Turbo Boost Max 3.0 of 4.5 GHz (same as a elder siblings) and an different bottom clock. 12 MB of L2 cache is complimented by 16.5 MB of L3 cache. It facilities 44 PCIe lanes as good as quad channel DDR4-2666. The TDP is lowered to 140W.

Intel Core-X Series Family Slide Deck:

Intel Core X Series Processor Family Specifications:

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