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Intel Readies Core i3-7360X, A Dual Core Kaby Lake-X Processor For The X299 Platform – Features 4.0 GHz Clock Speed and 112W TDP | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Intel Readies Core i3-7360X, A Dual Core Kaby Lake-X Processor For The X299 Platform – Features 4.0 GHz Clock Speed and 112W TDP

If we suspicion things couldn’t get any some-more weirder on a Intel X299 platform, we were wrong. It looks like Intel has silently been readying a new SKU for a recently launched height that does not come tighten to a definition of “enthusiast” in any way.

Intel Core i3-7360X Dual Core Kaby Lake-X Processor For The HEDT X299 Platform In The Works

To be famous as a Intel Core i3-7360X, a processor comes during a unequivocally uncanny time. Intel is going to launch their 14, 16, 18 core processors in a integrate of weeks and their Coffee Lake desktop family is also headed for launch in early October. So cramming a twin core chip when a deputy Core i3’s are going to underline high core count doesn’t make sense, or does it?

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Well, in terms of specifications, a Core i3-7360X is partial of a Kaby Lake X family and as such, has a new 14nm+ pattern on board. The chip comes with dual cores and 4 threads and is really identical to a Core i3-7350K that is accessible on a 200-series platform. The disproportion is within a clocks and TDP. The chip comes with a customary bottom time of 4.00 GHz though boosts adult to 4.30 GHz. There’s 4 MB of L3 cache and a sum of 16 PCI Express lanes are accessible natively from a chip. In terms of TDP, a chip has a 112W pattern compared to a 60W TDP on a Core i3-7350K. That is flattering most a customary on all Kaby Lake X chips.

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The Intel Core i3-7360X sits subsequent to a Core i3-7350K and facilities a thicker and incomparable PCB. (Image Credits: Videocardz)

As distant as pricing and opening is concerned, a trickle alleges that a chip would cost around $220 US. That is most aloft than a Core i3-7350K that retails around $170 US. Performance wise, a chip is settled to be usually 1.25% faster than a Core i3-7350K so fundamentally a same chip on a opposite platform.

Intel Core i3-7360X and Core i3-7350K Specs Comparison:

Now here’s my take on a new CPU, certain it sounds totally treacherous though chips with reduce core Intel chips on a HEDT height indeed go utterly good with impassioned memory and LN2 overclocks. Given that memory makers are rising new 4600 MHz SKUs, a Kaby Lake – X height is really good matched for attack a limit speeds with such kits. So a chip might have a purpose though usually for a niche market. For those who can wait a little, a subsequent era Core i3 will underline aloft cores and improved clocks during reduce TDP.

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