Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Intel Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K Available in Pre-Binned Variants With Up To 5.2 GHz Clock Out of Box, Ultra Edition CPUs With Silver IHS and Liquid Metal TIM

While Intel has no skeleton to switch their high-end or mainstream processors to soldered design, some retailers and overclockers have motionless to take a charge themselves. As such, Der8auer and have partnered adult to launch a array of Coffee Lake and Core X processors that will be accessible in pre-binned and also special designed IHS variants.

Intel Core i7-8700 Ultra Edition Comes With 99.9% Silver Heatspreader, Liquid Metal TIM and a 5.2 GHz Clock – Pricing Kept during a Premium

So while a Core i7-8700K incited out to be a best gaming CPU of this year, there are still a lot of things that could have been better. The chip is good though thermals are an emanate and given this is a K array processor with not a best TIM, a capabilities are hindered due to aloft thermals. So a thing that Caseking and Der8auer have motionless to do is offer a name operation of pre-binned options during opposite time rates, a outcome is some-more reward cost chips that cost adult to twice as many as a MSRP of $359 US.

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Right now, Caseking is charity 3 variants of a Core i7-8700K. First up, we have a Advanced Edition variants that are fundamentally pre-binned variants with no imagination IHS or TIM in place. These come during time speeds of 4.8 GHz and go all a approach adult to 5.1 GHz. Next up, we have a Pro Variant that offers a same pre-binned clocks though now with a improved nickel plated and discriminating IHS. Last up, we have a many high-end variant, a Core i7-8700K Ultra book that comes in time speed of adult to 5.2 GHz and has a 99.9% Silver IHS along with Liquid Metal TIM that should broach improved thermals compared to batch design.

The same goes for a Core i5-8600K that comes in all of a variants we only mentioned and time speeds as high as 5.2 GHz. These processors do not make many clarity for unchanging users though those who wish to get a best overclocking possible, afterwards these chips are pristine gold. However, we will be profitable a reward for a CPUs. You can see a list of these processors along with a prices below:

It is also mentioned by Der8auer that there are skeleton of charity a Core X processors that come with adult to 18 cores in identical fashion. Lack of soldering did impact a thermals on a HEDT CPUs so this could be good news for those who have been watchful to get a chip themselves but a need to delid and reapply thermal paste. For those who missed out a Coffee Lake review, we can review it over here as it covers a opening of Core i7-8700K, Core i5-8600K and Core i5-8400 CPUs in detail.

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