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Intel Coffee lake Uses Different Pin Configuration Than Kaby Lake and Skylake on the LGA 1151 Socket | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Intel Coffee lake Uses Different Pin Configuration Than Kaby Lake and Skylake on a LGA 1151 Socket

Intel reliable in their central Coffee Lake lecture that a new processors use a vastly opposite pin pattern compared to prior era processors, and as such, there is no back harmony with 200 or 100 array motherboards. While Intel did discuss it, they didn’t go in to most fact though today, David Schor (Engineer and Industry Analyst in a margin of Semiconductor mechanism architecture) has suggested that a Coffee Lake processors are indeed regulating a opposite electrical pin configuration, confirming Intel’s claims.

Intel Coffee Lake 8th Generation Desktop Processors Come With Pin Changes, More Ground and Electrical Pins Active Compared To Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors

According to David, a reason we don’t have Coffee Lake processors concordant with comparison array motherboards that underline a LGA 1151 hollow is a change in pins. For instance, if a pin config changes on a processor, a sockets on a motherboard need to be configured as such. It’s not a routine that can be finished around program as a some-more of a hardware turn change.

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When compared, a Coffee Lake processors have 391 VSS (Ground) pins that is an boost of 14 compared to Kaby Lake, 146 VCC (Electrical) pins that is an boost of 18 pins compared to Kaby Lake and about 25 pins that are indifferent and a diminution of 21 pins from a 46 indifferent on Kaby Lake.

Kaby Lake – Coffee Lake

  • VSS (Ground): 377 – 391 (+14)
  • VCC (Power): 128 – 146 (+18)
  • RSVD: 46 -25

Intel LGA 1151 CPU Pin Configuration (Coffee Lake vs Kaby Lake):

So one thing is clear, Intel was in fact revelation a law about electrical changes to a processors and hollow in a 300-series platform. Furthermore, it’s not only a indifferent pins from Kaby Lake that have simply been populated. There are pins aside a indifferent ones that were substituted with VCC pins and prove a pattern tweak.

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While we can put many theories to rest with this new detail, we consider most of a difficulty could have only been avoided if Intel simplified this themselves. Of course, if we are creation a play with a new PCH and new array of processors on a same hollow that ran a prior CPU line, consumers would really wish to know some-more because a new height that has a same hollow can't support their comparison chips. We formerly listened about a LGA 1151 V2 fixing intrigue and that might have sorted some difficulty though as we can tell, all motherboards still use a LGA 1151 fixing intrigue that might lead to people meditative that their 6th and 7th era processors can run on a newer boards.

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