Published On: Sun, Aug 20th, 2017

Intel Coffee Lake-U 15W CPUs Detailed – Core i7-8650U, Core i7-8550U Performance and Specifications Unveiled in Multiple Leaks

Intel will strictly be announcing their 8th era Coffee Lake processors tomorrow though there have been mixed leaks before to that. While a desktop lineup has been held adult in a gossip indent for a while, we are now looking during cover chips that will comes underneath a 15W TDP package.

Intel Coffee Lake-U Notebook Processors Detailed – First Performance Benchmarks Show Big Gain Over Predecessors

A sum of 4 Coffee Lake-U array have been reliable directly by Intel. These embody a Intel Core i5-8250U, Core i5-8350U, Core i7-8550U and Core i7-8650U. All of these are 15W processors though a many engaging thing that consumers will be looking brazen to is a aloft core count. All processors mentioned in this essay underline 4 cores and 8 threads.

acer-nitro-8th-coreRelated Intel Core i7-8550U Coffee Lake 8th Gen Notebook CPU Spotted – Features 4 Cores, 8 Threads Inside a 15W Package

That’s a good burst when we review it to Kaby Lake-U and a predecessors that came before it. Those processors featured only 2 cores and 4 threads. What this means is that consumers can suffer aloft opening in capability and ubiquitous applications though sacrificing on power.

When it comes to SKU specific specifications, a Core i7-8650U seems to be a fastest of a 4 with 4 cores and 8 threads. The chip has a time speed of 1.90 GHz (base) and is pronounced to boost adult to 4.0 GHz. The chip will underline 8 MB of L3 cache that is twice that of a prototype and a TDP will sojourn set during 15W however, a CPU can automatically configure a TDP when boosting to a aloft magnitude on singular and twin operational cores.

The chip will be a good and most indispensable boost on a cover (low power) side of things that have not seen a core and extreme burst in CPU opening given a while. The chip will be labelled during $409 US compared to $393 US of a Core i7-7600U that is a tiny bump. Specifications for other processors are listed in a list below.

Intel Coffee Lake-U Processors:

For those interested, there are mixed ACER Aspire and ACER Swift array notebooks listed on a central ACER webpage that underline Coffee Lake processors. You can find them in a links below:

intel-coffee-lake-8th-generationRelated Intel Coffee Lake 8th Generation Core Family Officially Announced, Launching on 21st Aug – Core i7 8700K, Core i5 8600K, Core i3 8350K CPUs Detailed

  • ACER Aspire 5 (Core i7-8550U) – $699.99 US
  • ACER Swift 3 (Core i7-8250U) – $799.99 US
  • ACER Swift 3 (Core i7-8250U) – $699.99 US
  • ACER Swift 3 (Core i7-8250U) – $699.99 US

Intel Core i7-8550U CPU Performance Shows Impressive Jump – 50% Increase Over Predecessor All Thanks To Higher Core Count

Performance formula of a Intel Core i7-8550U have also been posted by LaptopMedia. The guys managed to get their hands on code new 8th era notebook. Now we have seen a Core i7-8550U formed cover before though didn’t get to see any opening metrics.

The benchmarks on LaptopMedia uncover a 50% opening burst with a Core i7-8550U over a Core i7-7500U. This chip also shows really good opening opposite a Core i5-7300HQ with only 5-7% reduce processor opening in a 15W package (Core i5-7300HQ facilities a TDP of 45W).

Intel Coffee Lake Core i7 U-Series Comparison:

The processor also facilities a Intel HD Graphics 620 that is pronounced to be good for gaming during HD (1080p) fortitude on complicated esport titles. When interconnected with a good dGPU, we can design improved performance. In CPU complete tasks such as such as Adobe Photoshop, a chip performs most closer to a Core i7-7700HQ processor that is impressive. We can design some-more information from Intel per their 8th Gen Coffee lake-U tomorrow when a processors are strictly announced to consumers.

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