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Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8700K, Core i5-8600K, Core i5-8400 CPU Review on ASRock FATAL1TY Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8700K, Core i5-8600K, Core i5-8400 CPU Review on ASRock FATAL1TY Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard


Early in 2017, Intel expelled their code new Kaby Lake platform, featuring a engorgement of CPUs and motherboards. The Kaby Lake height introduced zero new over what Skylake and a play already offered. It was simply partial of Intel’s yearly modernise and brought some medium time speed ascent and play with combined facilities (mainly by AIBs rather a chipset itself).

But, a few months after Kaby Lake launched, AMD introduced Ryzen. A poignant refurbish to their processor family that not usually brought IPC on standard with complicated Intel cores, though also delivered a mainstream height with underline turn relation with Intel’s mainstream offerings. Ryzen also charity some-more cores on a mainstream platform, with multi-threading support and a vital blow to Intel came in cost to performance. Ryzen had finished one thing, it had obliterated Intel’s prolonged using energy in a mainstream marketplace by itself, we won’t even discuss Threadripper here as that is a whole another story.

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In a meanwhile, Intel already had skeleton to refurbish their mainstream family to aloft cores though AMD astounded them with a Ryzen lineup. As such, while a skeleton to move aloft core count CPUs were formulated prolonged before Ryzen was even announced, a roadmap changes were finished about a few months ago. So, what was approaching to launch in early 2018 is rising today. Intel’s initial mainstream core count strike in some-more than 10 years.

Today, Intel strictly launches a 300-series platform. Designed to support 8th era processors that are codenamed Coffee Lake, a 300-series offers new facilities and updates in a form that were radically finished to residence a new era of mainstream processors. The latest launch comes usually a few months after Intel’s 7th Generation core family that is really surprising, even for Intel.

With a launch of Coffee Lake processors, Intel is also charity a new height that is noted as 300-series. The Intel 300 array height will underline several chipset SKUs though a initial to strike a sell marketplace is Z370. The Z370 height is exclusively built to support Coffee Lake CPUs definition that while we can pattern after CPU launches to underline support on a stream platform, all CPUs that came before will not work on a new motherboards. We have some-more sum on this in a LGA 1151 hollow territory so here, we will be holding a demeanour during a Z370 underline set and what it offers over a prior 200 and 100 array platforms.

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Intel Z370 PCH Features:

The 8th gen desktop height has a operation of new facilities that especially include:

  • More Cores
  • More Intel Smart Cache
  • Best In Class Design
  • Enhanced Overclocking
  • Improved 14nm Process

And of course, powering a new height is a Z370 PCH. The PCH offers a following:

  • Improved Power Delivery for 6 Core processors
  • Enhanced Package Power Delivery For overclocking
  • Memory routing support for DDR4-2666
  • Rec.2020 HDR Support, HEVC 10-bit HW Decode/Encode, VP9 10-bit HW Decode
  • Integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 (10 Gbps)
  • Support for integrated Intel wireless AC (WiFi 802.11ac R2 Bluetooth 5)
  • Intel Optane memory support
  • Intel Smart Sound Technology with quad core audio DSP
  • 24 Chipset PCIe 3.0 Lanes
  • 10 USB 3.1 Ports With Up To 6 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) Ports
  • Up To 6 SATA 3.0 Ports
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology 16
  • PCIe 3.0 x4 Storage Support

Intel Kaby Lake Refresh and Cannon Lake PCH Features:

Intel isn’t relocating divided from a LGA 1151 hollow any time soon. We are once again looking during a same hollow that has been doing a rounds in a mainstream marketplace given 2015. There is how ever a vital difference. There’s no back harmony with Skylake and Kaby Lake processors.

That brings us to a subsequent poignant fact about a Intel 300-series platform. Intel is confirming that a Coffee Lake processors are usually concordant with a 300-series chipset. The reason cited by Intel is a change in electrical lanes and energy smoothness that Z370 improves substantially. We did have a word with some motherboard manufacturers and while they exhibit that Coffee Lake might work with comparison motherboards, it won’t broach a same turn of fortitude or clocking as on a Z370 array motherboards.

A some-more minute research was posted by David Schor a few days ago that confirms a change in pin pattern on Coffee Lake processors, hence gripping a LGA 1151 hollow on Z370 play disdainful to Coffee Lake chips.

According to David, a reason we don’t have Coffee Lake processors concordant with comparison array motherboards that underline a LGA 1151 hollow is a change in pins. For instance, if a pin config changes on a processor, a sockets on a motherboard need to be configured as such. It’s not a routine that can be finished around program as a some-more of a hardware turn change.

When compared, a Coffee Lake processors have 391 VSS (Ground) pins that is an boost of 14 compared to Kaby Lake, 146 VCC (Electrical) pins that is an boost of 18 pins compared to Kaby Lake and about 25 pins that are indifferent and a diminution of 21 pins from a 46 indifferent on Kaby Lake.

Kaby Lake – Coffee Lake

  • VSS (Ground): 377 – 391 (+14)
  • VCC (Power): 128 – 146 (+18)
  • RSVD: 46 -25

Intel LGA 1151 CPU Pin Configuration (Coffee Lake vs Kaby Lake):

So one thing is clear, Intel was in fact revelation a law about electrical changes to a processors and hollow in a 300-series platform. Furthermore, it’s not usually a indifferent pins from Kaby Lake that have simply been populated. There are pins aside a indifferent ones that were substituted with VCC pins and prove a pattern tweak.

While we can put many theories to rest with this new detail, we consider most of a difficulty could have usually been avoided if Intel simplified this themselves. Of course, if we are creation a play with a new PCH and new array of processors on a same hollow that ran a prior CPU line, consumers would really wish to know some-more because a new height that has a same hollow can't support their comparison chips. We formerly listened about a LGA 1151 V2 fixing intrigue and that might have sorted some difficulty though as we can tell, all motherboards still use a LGA 1151 fixing intrigue that might lead to people meditative that their 6th and 7th era processors can run on a newer boards.

Cooler Compatibility With LGA 1151 Socket

Keeping a same hollow has some advantages in a form of cooler compatibility. All users who are using a LGA 1151 hollow or even LGA 1150 play can use a same cooler on a Z370 play though any hassle. The hollow has a same measure and no changes are finished aside from electrical changes that are specific to hollow and processor pins. The hollow public and ascent stays a same.

Intel does offer a apart boxed cooler though it will be a most improved choice to get an AIB cooling resolution given those offer improved cooling performance. It is endorsed for a unbarred SKUs that users run them on a high finish atmosphere cooler or glass cooling solution. Custom loop cooling will broach even improved results.

  • Table of Contents
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake CPU Family – The First Mainstream Chips From Intel With 6 Cores, 12 Threads
  • 3. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard – Features
  • 4. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard – Unboxing
  • 5. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard – Close Up
  • 6. Test Setup
  • 7. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard CPU Performance Tests
  • 8. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard Discrete GPU Performance Tests
  • 9. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard – Power Consumption Tests
  • 10. ASRock Z370 Professional Gaming i7 Motherboard – Cooler Performance and Temperatures
  • 11. Conclusion

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