Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2020

Instagram Lite shuts down in allege of a relaunch

Instagram Lite, a two-year-old chronicle of a Instagram app destined during rising markets, has sensitively disappeared. The formerly rarely ranked app dead from a Google Play charts on Apr 13 in a countries where it was active, including Kenya, Mexico, Peru and a Philippines. Existing Instagram Lite users have been destined to a categorical Instagram app around a summary that claimed “Instagram Lite is No Longer Supported.”

Android Police initial reported a news of Instagram Lite’s shutdown. TechCrunch has given reliable sum of a app’s dismissal with Instagram parent, Facebook.

“We are rolling behind a exam of a Instagram Lite app, a Facebook orator said. “You can start regulating a latest chronicle of Instagram instead to bond with a people and things we love,” they noted.

Instagram Lite launched on Google Play in Jun 2018 though fanfare. Like other “Lite”-branded apps on a market, Instagram Lite’s idea was to offer a smaller download that takes adult reduction space on a mobile device — a underline that privately caters to users in rising markets, where storage space is a concern. At launch, a “Lite” chronicle of Instagram was 573 kilobytes, or roughly 1/55th a distance of Instagram’s afterwards 32-megabyte application.

Like Instagram, a slimmed-down Instagram Lite app authorised users to filter and post photos to a feed or to Stories, and to crop a Explore page for some-more content. However, it lacked a choice to post videos or direct-message friends on arrival.

On Jun 28, 2018, Mexico was a initial marketplace to accept Instagram Lite. It also accounted for a infancy — 62% — of a sum installs. To date, Instagram Lite was downloaded approximately 4.4 million times in Mexico, according to information from Sensor Tower, common with TechCrunch . The second largest marketplace was a Philippines, with 14% of installs. Kenya and Peru trailed, with 12.5% and 12% of installs, respectively.

Due to direct for “Lite” applications in these regions, Instagram Lite was means to stand to a tip of Google Play’s charts. The app was ranked No. 8 in Kenya in a “Social” difficulty on Google Play, as good as No. 12 in Peru, No. 15 in Mexico and No. 22 in a Philippines.

On Apr 15, it dead from a charts, indicating a dismissal in those regions, that a association has now confirmed.

While it’s surprising to lift an app wholly when an refurbish is planned, we know that’s what Facebook has in store for Instagram Lite.

The association — that has always characterized a app as a “test” — is formulation to take what it has schooled over these past years to rise a new chronicle of Instagram Lite. It’s misleading how distant out that launch might be, though a new chronicle is now being built.

Instagram Lite was one of a few “Lite” apps that Facebook offers, led by a early launch of Facebook Lite in 2015, followed by Messenger Lite in Apr 2018. A series of vital tech companies also offer apps destined during rising markets, mostly dubbed their “Lite” version, including Uber, Tinder, Spotify, Twitter and others. Google does a same underneath a “Go” brand.

But distinct many of these efforts, Instagram Lite had not nonetheless reached some of a incomparable rising markets these apps tend to target, like India, Indonesia, Brazil and others. That could change in a future, however.

In a meantime, Lite users are being destined to a categorical Instagram app. Alternately, they can use Instagram around a web from their phone.

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