Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

India’s Glance tops 100M daily active users in 21 months

Glance, that serves media content, news and infrequent games on a close shade of Android -powered smartphones, has amassed 100 million daily active users, it pronounced today.

The auxiliary of ad-firm InMobi Group reached a miracle in 21 months in what appears to be a shortest generation for any renouned internet use to benefit their initial 100 million daily active users, pronounced Naveen Tewari, owner and arch executive of InMobi Group, in an talk with TechCrunch.

Glance uses AI to offer personalized knowledge to a users. The use replaces a differently dull close shade with locally applicable news, stories, and infrequent games. Late final year, InMobi acquired Roposo, a Gurgaon-headquartered startup, that has enabled it to broach short-form videos on a platform.

“Introducing short-form videos and games on Glance has helped us boost a rendezvous level. About 25% of a users actively play games on Glance,” pronounced Tewari. The organisation is now operative to make these short-form videos accessible in many internal languages. (You can also try a use on your mobile web browser or by a preview app on Google Play Store.)

Glance ships pre-installed on several smartphone models. The auxiliary maintains tie-ups with scarcely any tip Android smartphone businessman including Xiaomi, a tip actor in India, and Samsung.

But users can simply invalidate a service, pronounced Tewari, adding that a 100 million users a organisation is stating now are those who consciously rivet with calm on Glance. Users spend about 25 mins immoderate calm on Glance any day, he said.

Sitting on a close screen, maybe a many desired genuine estate on a smartphone to strech a user, has authorised Glance to broach any information to a really vast series of users in a brief time. Tewari pronounced some-more than 50 million users reacted to Glance informing them about India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s debate final month surrounding a lockdown in a country, for instance.

“We are not only a short-form video platform. We are not only a gaming height nor one that serves only news. Given where we sit, we support to scarcely all that is out there opposite a world. So everybody has something to consume,” he said.

The use is now accessible in India, a biggest marketplace with some-more than 80 million users, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and a Philippines. Tewari pronounced a organisation skeleton to hurl out Glance opposite a creation in a subsequent dual years.

Glance, that lifted $45 million final year, is now not monetizing a users. Tewari pronounced he has experimented with a few ideas, though won’t make any pull on this front for another one to dual quarters.

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