Published On: Wed, Jun 23rd, 2021

India orders antitrust review opposite Google over intelligent TV market

India’s antitrust watchdog has systematic an examination into allegations that Google has abused a widespread position of Android in a country’s intelligent TV market. The news comes hours after a European Union non-stop a grave antitrust examination into allegations that Google abuses a heading purpose in a advertising-technology sector.

In a initial review, a Competition Commission of India, that began looking into these allegations final year, conspicuous Google had breached certain anti-competitive laws. An examination of this scale can take quarters, if not over a year, to resolve.

“The Commission is of a prima facie opinion that by creation pre-installation of Google’s exclusive apps (particularly Play Store) redeeming on signing of ACC (Android Compatibility Commitments) for all Android inclination manufactured/distributed/marketed by device manufacturers, Google has reduced a ability and inducement of device manufacturers to rise and sell inclination handling on choice versions of Android i.e. Android forks, and thereby singular technical or systematic growth relating to products or services to a influence of consumers in transgression of Section 4(2)(b) of a Act,” a watchdog conspicuous in a 24-page order.

“Further, ACC prevents OEMs from manufacturing/ distributing/ offering any other device that work on a competing split Android handling system. Therefore, given a prevalence of Google in a germane markets and conspicuous network effects, by trait of this restriction, developers of such split Android handling complement are denied marketplace entrance ensuing in defilement of Section 4(2)(c) of a Act.”

Google, that depends India as a largest marketplace by users and final year committed to investing $10 billion in a country, denied any wrongdoing. “We are assured that a intelligent TV chartering practices are in correspondence with all germane foe laws,” a association orator conspicuous in a statement.

The Competition Commission of India combined that it found Google requiring radio manufacturers pre-installing all a “must-have” apps and not carrying a ability to collect and select from alternatives “amounts to deception of astray condition on a intelligent TV device manufacturers and thereby in transgression of Section 4(2)(a)(i) of a Act.”

“It also amounts to prima facie leveraging of Google’s prevalence in Play Store to strengthen a germane markets such as online video hosting services offering by YouTube, etc. in transgression of Section 4(2)(e) of a Act. All these aspects aver a minute investigation,” a foe regulator added.

About 8 million intelligent TV sets were sole in India in 2019, over 60% of that were powered by Google’s Android handling system.

It’s a tough week for American giants in India. On Monday evening, a world’s second largest internet marketplace due tough e-commerce manners that could harm Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart.

Tuesday’s sequence is a third ongoing antitrust box examination that India has non-stop opposite Google. Late final year, India’s antitrust watchdog non-stop an examination into Google for allegedly abusing a widespread position of a app store to foster a payments use in a South Asian nation.

India is questioning Google over purported Android abuse

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