Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2020

In review with European B2B seed VC La Famiglia

Earlier this month, La Famiglia, a Berlin-based VC organisation that invests in seed-stage European B2B tech startups, disclosed that it lifted a second account totaling €50 million, adult from a entrance account of €35 million in 2017.

The organisation writes initial checks of adult to €1.5 million in European startups that use record to residence a poignant need within an industry. It’s corroborated 37 startups to date (including Forto, Arculus and Graphy) and seeks to position itself formed on a attention network, many of whom are LPs.

La Famiglia’s investors embody a Mittal, Pictet, Oetker, Hymer and Swarovski families, attention leaders Voith and Franke, as good as a families behind conglomerates such as Hapag-Lloyd, Solvay, Adidas and Valentino. In addition, a likes of Niklas Zennström (Skype, Atomico), Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman and Personio’s Hanno Renner are also LPs.

Meanwhile, a organisation describes itself as “female-led,” with initial partner Dr. Jeannette zu Fürstenberg and partner Judith Dada during a helm.

With a ink usually usually dry on a new fund, we put questions to a span to get some-more fact on La Famiglia’s investment topic and what it looks for in founders. We also discussed how a organisation taps a “old economy” network, a destiny of attention 4.0 and what La Famiglia is doing — if anything — to safeguard it backs different founders.

TechCrunch: You report La Famiglia as B2B-focused, essay initial checks of adult to €1.5 million in European startups regulating record to residence a poignant need within an industry. In particular, we bring verticals such as logistics and supply chain, a industrial space, and insurance, while also referencing sustainability and a destiny of work.

Can we elaborate a bit some-more on a fund’s subtract and what we demeanour for in founders and startups during such an early stage?

Jeannette zu Fürstenberg: Our aspiration is to constraint a elemental change in value origination opposite a largest sectors of a European economy, that are possibly being disrupted or enabled by digital technologies. We trust that opportunities in fields such as production or logistics will be made by a low routine bargain of these industries, that is a pivotal differentiator in formulating successful outcomes and a strength that European entrepreneurs can leverage.

We demeanour for idealist founders who see a new future, where others usually see fragments, with courage to pull by adversity and a artistic force to figure a universe into being.

Judith Dada: Picking adult a lot of signals from several consultant sources in a network informs a event landscape we see and allows us to deposit with a clever clarity of marketplace timing. Next to verticals like word or industrial manufacturing, we also deposit into companies rebellious some-more plane opportunities, such as sustainability in a immeasurable significance opposite industries, as good as new ways that a work is being transformed, for workers of all types. We demeanour for opportunities opposite a spectrum of technological trends, though are quite focused on a focus intensity of ML and AI.

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