Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

In a minute to Amazon, 13 AGs call for increasing clarity and stronger workman protections

In an open minute to Jeff Bezos and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, a bloc of AGs have jointly called on Amazon to strengthen protections for a stretched workforce amid a COVID-19 pandemic. The letter, penned by Massachusetts state AG Maura Healey — along with attorneys ubiquitous from Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and D.C. — follows a identical note sent by a members in late March.

“Amazon and Whole Foods contingency take each probable step to strengthen their employees and business during a COVID-19 pandemic,” Healey pronounced in a recover tied to a letter. “We again call on these companies to yield assurances that they are complying with state laws and sovereign superintendence directed during gripping essential workers protected during this crisis.”

Nine senators — including Warren and Sanders — coop open minute to Amazon about workman firings

In particular, a note addresses questions about ill leave, reserve measures, Amazon’s policies around notifying workers and a new fibre of high-profile firings. That final bit was adequate to aver a likewise themed minute from 9 distinguished Democratic senators, interrogation either a association had dismissed employees in plea for whistleblowing around vulnerable work conditions.

“Such conduct, if proven, might violate Section 11(c) of a Occupational Safety and Health Act [29 U.S.C. §660(c)], as good as laws in certain of a States that dissuade retaliation,” a AGs write. “Even a notice of plea during this open health puncture can offer to overpower employees who lift legitimate concerns about health and reserve measures, and place those employees, their co-workers, customers, and a open during grave risk.”

Amazon fires dual some-more employees who were plainly vicious of operative conditions during pandemic

The new minute takes a additional step of singling out a function of Amazon-owned Whole Foods. “We are endangered that a Offices and a open are training of these critical developments by secondhand media reports, rather than conference directly from Whole Foods,” a minute adds. “Accordingly, we ask that Whole Foods yield a outline of a policies and processes, if any, that describe to notifying consumers, a public, and open health authorities of critical COVID-19 developments during Company stores.”

Amazon has, of course, denied allegations of banishment whistleblowers and insisted that it has taken a required movement as employees continue to work by a pandemic. The minute closes by observant that both Amazon and Whole Foods “are saying a poignant boost in sales as well, as consumers rest even some-more on online selling and buy some-more groceries as they stay during home.”

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